Am I the Only One...? Age?


Just curious as to who here is a writer and/or reader that’s a bit older? It seems that I usually come across middle and high schoolers which isn’t bad. I myself am 22, lol. I remember when Episode first started as a different app! :laughing:
Please tell me I’m not alone and the old person around here, lol. :sweat_smile:


You aren’t alone! I’m probably double the age of my very young readers, I’m by no means old but saying that makes me feel old :pensive::joy:.


We can be “old” together then! :rofl:
Of course, I don’t mind talking to anyone on here who’s nice. It just feels nice talking to some people my age who have other things going on in life. High school feels like a long time ago, lol. It’s a whole different chapter, and I sometimes feel a little thrown out by it around here.


I’m 15 lol I see more people in their 20-30’s in the episode community than teenagers


There are several of us around 28-40+ :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s always nice talking to any nice people on here or Instagram! High school does feel like forever ago lol. My days now revolve around work, my family and writing on Episode if I have free time :sweat_smile:


I just must be too new to the forums then, lol.


That’s great to hear! :smiley:
Hii! Lol. :wave:


Yes! Mine revolve around my husband and my awful health. Lol. But I am using my health as an advantage to write stories here while writing books since I can’t work. :smile:
Have to say I am so looking forward to next month when I visit some family.


29 :raising_hand_woman:
I feel like a grandma in the community sometimes lol


Episode is definitely an easy way to pass free time :joy::joy:. When I have the time and motivation I can write for hours and hours. And reading? There are SO many good stories out there that I could be on the app all day if I had the time.


I feel a weird kinship with you over the fact that we’re both 29, originally for Oceania and living in different countries now :joy:


Hey and welcome!
You’re def not grandma, so no worries. :grin:
I’m just glad I’m not alone here!


Yes, it really is. I go through stages where I play endlessly and then don’t play for a while.
I like coding, so I thought it’d be fun to turn one of my stories into an Episode one.
Didn’t realize how long it would take me though, lol.


Ahaha that’s awesome!
I wanted to reply with a cool gif or something but I couldn’t think of any :smirk: :rofl:


I am 21 :raising_hand_woman:


Another 29 years old here, but I don’t know where the last 10 years went so I guess it doesn’t count?


I’m 21, but I don’t really feel old here because there’s so many people on the other thread saying they’re over 21. I think a lot of episode writers are actually around this age, and the readers are younger.


There’s a thread for “older” users here: Any other Episode peeps 21+?


I remember when it first started as well but as of rn I’m a teen so