Am I the Only One...? Age?

Just curious as to who here is a writer and/or reader that’s a bit older? It seems that I usually come across middle and high schoolers which isn’t bad. I myself am 22, lol. I remember when Episode first started as a different app! :laughing:
Please tell me I’m not alone and the old person around here, lol. :sweat_smile:


We can be “old” together then! :rofl:
Of course, I don’t mind talking to anyone on here who’s nice. It just feels nice talking to some people my age who have other things going on in life. High school feels like a long time ago, lol. It’s a whole different chapter, and I sometimes feel a little thrown out by it around here.

I’m 15 lol I see more people in their 20-30’s in the episode community than teenagers


There are several of us around 28-40+ :slight_smile:


I just must be too new to the forums then, lol.

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That’s great to hear! :smiley:
Hii! Lol. :wave:

Yes! Mine revolve around my husband and my awful health. Lol. But I am using my health as an advantage to write stories here while writing books since I can’t work. :smile:
Have to say I am so looking forward to next month when I visit some family.

29 :raising_hand_woman:
I feel like a grandma in the community sometimes lol


I feel a weird kinship with you over the fact that we’re both 29, originally for Oceania and living in different countries now :joy:


Hey and welcome!
You’re def not grandma, so no worries. :grin:
I’m just glad I’m not alone here!

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Yes, it really is. I go through stages where I play endlessly and then don’t play for a while.
I like coding, so I thought it’d be fun to turn one of my stories into an Episode one.
Didn’t realize how long it would take me though, lol.

Ahaha that’s awesome!
I wanted to reply with a cool gif or something but I couldn’t think of any :smirk: :rofl:

I am 21 :raising_hand_woman:

Another 29 years old here, but I don’t know where the last 10 years went so I guess it doesn’t count?

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I’m 21, but I don’t really feel old here because there’s so many people on the other thread saying they’re over 21. I think a lot of episode writers are actually around this age, and the readers are younger.


There’s a thread for “older” users here: Any other Episode peeps 21+?

I remember when it first started as well but as of rn I’m a teen so

I’m 21 so I’m glad I’m not the only one either

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Thank you! :smiley:

My type of logic! :smirk:

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