Am i the only one experiencing this episode glitch?


Ive been noticing in a lot of stories music plays for a split second then stops ; my story has music & sound playing throughout the story however the music isn’t playing but the sound plays. Am I the only one expediting this glitch?!
I’ve tried deleting the app, redownloading it, etc, but nothing seems to work.

  • Yes, i’m experiencing this issue too!
  • No, i’m not experiencing this issue.

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My suggestion is to send a support ticket, I dunno what else. :confused:


@ryan or @jeremy i’ve submitted a ticket ; please close


Sometimes is like that, it happens mostly when you’re playing music or have been playing a video on your cellphone.
You just need to close the app, like force stop. Then, when you open the app and play the story, it works the sound and the music.

Well, that’s how it works for me.


I’ve already tried that multiple times so I submitted a ticket letting them know & they said numerous people had this issue; I even deleted the app & still-nothing. Hopefully they get this glitch fixed.