Am I the only one having portal issues?


I’m still pretty new to writing on Episode, trying to convert my overly detailed and descriptive Wattpad stories to episode is extremely challenging, and I’m just wondering if I’m the ONLY one who keeps getting ridiculous error codes/not loading anything in the portal? It’s impossible to spot direct anything, and my zooms keep changing on me.

Is anyone else having problems with this or am I just being a cry baby?


No a lot of people have been having issues with the portal lately including me it is not just you.


I’m glad it’s not just me, although I wish we could all work on our stories without any issues!




It’s probably the new update, it’s a lil buggy.



There are already multiple threads in the Writer’s Portal Bug category describing similar issues. Please submit a help ticket to the support team and let them know about this issue.Thanks :smiley: