Am I the only one having troubles?


Today, I noticed when I was writing my episode that my spot directing wasn’t working. I’d put a character in the correct spot but it would show on the screen a completely different spot. Also, after the spotting anything else that happens would not be played. For both overlays and characters. Here is an example:

(I split up the script for you to see it, look at KITANA’s lines)
I don’t believe I’m doing anything wrong… This has happened to me twice today and I am wondering… Is it a glitch? Because all before today I have been using that exact coding and it says that it is right.


Maybe instead of actually stating the word ‘AND’ use ‘&’?
I’m not really sure what it is though, most probably a glitch :sweat_smile:


I think it’s a glitch, happened to me too


Yea I’m having troublem with my up loads


What uploads?


I tried that, didn’t work as well.


Right now? Or in the past?


Yea I know I’m trying up load my stores


Have you tested your story in the app to see if the spots are working there?


Yes, now it is. After a little bit it starts randomly working. But whenever I add a new scene the same problem happens. It’s fine if I use like “screen center” but any spots are not working when I start the scene.


It was a few days ago.


Try updating the whole page, that worked for me.


Can you change kitana’s spot? Or does it glitch?


I’ll write a totally different spot and when I save it and reload my script it stays the same.


It started working after a few hours out of the blue like I didn’t touch it at all.


Happy to hear things are working again! Closing :v:t2: