Am I the only one? (Instagram related)

Mkay but I’m sooooo glad this thread was made. Tbh… I don’t like Melia as an author… all the important characters r always white & the grammar isn’t so good. I don’t wanna hate on her, she’s not the only one who’s created a character like hunter, but this is the first ever time an important character has been black, when he first appeared I knew he was gonna be important & I was so glad Melia was adding diversity so I was glad… then it’s mentioned he’s a gang leader :woman_facepalming:t3:

The memes omg. Tf? They’re so messed up. Not calling anyone out! Loads of ppl make these, these r just sum ss I found…


He’s starting at her breasts btw :woman_facepalming:t3:

Idk insta can b messed up…


The grammar of her stories are fine to me, but I agree that majority of her characters are white. They all have the Neutral 03 skin with the Pink Medium Nude Matte lips. And Hailey and Luna have thick *ss lips that are more so meant for a black girl (but many authors do this to their characters, so who am I to complain about just her 🤷🏽). But yeah, Hunter being a gang leader was pretty offensive to me too.

And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sees Hunter everywhere in Episode memes. Seriously, he’s not that good!



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