Am I the only one? Lol

I don’t know if I’m going to get hate for this, but I’m i the only one who liked that other ranking system like every time I opened the app I would see new stories at the top, but now that’s it’s back to the normal one it’s the same stories every single day I don’t even bother looking for stories in the genres because it’s the same stories :roll_eyes::frowning: , can someone tell me why everyone hated the other ranking system?


Appearantly it glitched and caused the rank system to be inaccurate. No one knows if the glitch is fixed though. They certainly don’t care about the glitch, they just wanted their old ranks back so thats why they made Episode change it back.

Watch someone screenshot this and share on IG and call me insults along with “What the hell is wrong with people :roll_eyes::relieved:


Thank you for explaining!

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No, hun. Because the only people that would do that only came here to get their old ranks. Now that they got them, they outta here.

To answer your question @Toriblack not everyone hated it, but a lot of top authors were apparently losing out on a lot of money by having smaller stories ahead of them in the ranks and couldn’t feed their families… (Or so they told us), so that’s why a few people hated it. I believe the team are still going to work on it though to find another solution


Oh ok, thanks again! I didn’t know episode paid a lot to live off :thinking:

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You’d need a lot of reads, but it’s possible.

My understanding is that those ranks that you saw weren’t “the new system” but rather a glitch. That’s why people hated it so much lol. If the once-a-day-thing had rolled out the way it was supposed to, I actually think the opposite would have happened and the trending sections would have stayed more stagnant.

I can tell you that my own rankings were all over the place (stories gaining more reads ended up significantly lower than stories which weren’t gaining many reads) but now they’re more or less back to “normal”.


Yeah, like Elise C said, I think they only pay that much to people who are getting millions of reads each day, but I guess it’s possible… Though I doubt the glitch really affected them that much… It was probably a little exaggeration to get Episode to revert it back to the old system


What’s funny is that the way the “new system” was described (only updating once a day and new stories would take up to 48 hours to start ranking), it actually sounded like something which would hurt less popular authors and because of the glitch, it did the opposite lol.

@Amberose, roughly 3 million reads a month would give you a decent-ish pre-tax living wage in Australia


YES! I feel like if it didn’t get stuck on that glitch it still would have, but I guess we’ll never be able to test it.

OH Great! Too easy, I’ll be there in no time :rofl: