Am I the only one...or not?

I don’t know if its just me but does mafia stories fill your soul with annoyance. Like the cliche of it all is so silly. I genuinely wouldn’t hate a mafia story but sometimes its to the point where its obvious and the story is just like any other mafia story. A love mafia story especially…OMG!! Its the WORST. Like its weird. Like the girl encountering a mafia boss at a bar and automatically tells off the boss, and then he’s all like “I love her fire side” Like dude you never even met herrrr!!! Its just annoying. I usually wouldn’t mind reading it but ya make the storyline so obvious where its like I do’t even have to read the rest of the story anymore because its obvious what’ll happen next🤷🏾‍♀️


I’m tired of mafia taking over action and romance. Romance, especially.


yeah so many are the same, and the same ones aren’t even the once I think is good.

just once, just for once, I would like to see a gay, or trans version of this mafia cliche, but no not a single person have done this. I dont care how much els clichi it is, just give me a gay version

That sounds good but I doubt we’ll have a author that would go with that suggestion.



there is a few their offer lesbian option, but I want a gay one. and I mean one their build on the gay reletionships,

those who offer lesbian optioms, like that thier lesbiand dont even play into the story plot

I’m writing a mafia story… but it’s not like a love story as such. It’s about a strong female character who’s a bounty hunter and she needs to take down a mafia boss. There’s a lot more to the story ! The PG version is on here :rofl: :sweat_smile: but hopefully if you ever want to read it, you won’t think it’s another one of those stories :relaxed:

But I do understand 100% where you’re coming from. It just depends on who’s writing it and what the plot is. I’m also sick and tired of seeing MCs so helpless and always having the LI save them :pensive:


Hopefully the mafia girl boss don’t fall in love with him while she’s hunting him down…that’s how a lot of the cliche ones are​:sob::weary::roll_eyes:

My correction not the mafia girl boss the bounty hunter…lol

idk i dont really mind it

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That’s true, I feel like people can take cliches and make them into a good story, but the majority of mafia stories I see now are literally the exact same


RIGHT!!! like how can you be so intrigued by a girl who’s rude to you. If that were me i’d be happy she left


Hi, there is one it’s called finding true connection it’s so far got 25 episodes and i think 4 more tomorrow it’s by Valerius_78504 it’s about two gay guys one from the British mafia and one from the french mafia I think it’s pretty good you should check it out