Am I the only one that feels weird about the way they colored the East Asian girl in the front page cover?

Compared to the other characters, she looks yellow

If y’all don’t know, yellow skin is kind of a racist way to color asians, like they did in the old cartoons.

I selected her skin color, and compared it with the white girl’s skin color, and here are the results…

I don’t know if it was intentional, but it does feel a bit odd that they choose that color.


It doesn’t seem to odd to me. There could be a filter on the photo for all we know.


if there was a filter, than why did it only affect her?

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I dunno. It looks like they used exposure, curve, or levels in a software editing program.

The question is, why only her though, why is she the only one that appears yellow.

She could just pale. That skin tone isn’t yellow, it’s more… Peach?


…? White people tend to have a red undertone and asians have a yellow undertone. It’s not that deep. It’s called representation of different skin colours.

Why would you compare an asian girl’s skin colour and a white girl’s skin colour? That literally makes no sense.

“Is it weird that they made her skin tone this way?”

  • Yeah, that’s like the whole point.

I’m Asian and have a yellow undertone. My bf is white and has a pink undertone.


It doesn’t seem too yellow to me. I’m half Chinese, and it doesn’t offend me (I’m not saying it may not offend others though). I don’t think they meant it to be racist. It’s fine if their skin color is a bit yellow-ish. Episode probably mean it to be offensive in that way. It’s just a different undertone. It’s not bad.


Yes, it’s just you!


I understand where you’re coming from.

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I also don’t think they ment it in a racist form, but it did feel odd when I saw this image.

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Asian skintones have a yellow tint to them. I have a friend who’s skin looks very similar to her skintone. It’s just how they chose to color it. They didn’t mean it as racist, I can assure that.


Honestly, I don’t find it weird. I’m kind of happy they added more race into the photo. Instead of just having only one race dominate their cover, they started to add more culture diversity in it. Like there is three black people, an Asian, and a Latino guy in the picture. I’m not offend, I’m happy. You don’t find this a lot in everyday life. (Not to offend white people, I’m also happy they are in the picture)


Really that’s like me being mad that the white girl in the crown is blonde and has bue eyes :joy:
It’s just you!

It doesn’t seem odd to me just like every other race Asians come in all sorts of color

I mean I’m American Indian So I tan easily as well as my skin has a black undertone


The drawing is cute, but I just pointed that out because I wanted to know if it was intentional or not, and I also wanted to see an asian’s opinion/point of view on this, so thank you for the replies! Most of you were polite and gave me your point of view! :relaxed:


it isn’t odd :joy:
It looks like beige for me


the skin tone I don’t think is racist because as an asian, I do naturally have a bit of a yellow undertone


Generally Chinese have yellow undertones. But Asians come in all varieties but usually when Asian is mention majority think of the Chinese race… But Astronesians like those in the Archipelago have more of a brown undertones.

That’s why there is a term by uhm…not sure if anyone heard of it that at times Asians are called Yellows? Caucasions are labelled Whites… and Africans are regarded as Blacks.

This is just generalising not calling anyone what but just sharing what I know.


I agree! I don’t think it’s necessarily racist, but it is a big generalization because there are Asians like my dad who are dark with no yellow undertone. I also feel eerie with the peace sign, as that is also a generalization. This is me speaking on my behalf of being asian myself