Am i the only one who doesn't like it when choices matter?

It gives me stress and it feels like I’m taking a test lol. I read episode for mindless fun not to pay attention to every detail. And I don’t like how one simple choice can alter the story so much and it derails from having a full experience. Anyone with me?


Haha, sometimes I feel that. Usually if I like the story, I’ll try to read it a second time to see the different result based on different choices. But I know what you mean.

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I have to be in the right mood for really intense “choices matter” stories. In some stories, it’s easy to tell the good choices, but in others I seem to always make the wrong choices. I totally understand the stress it gives you!


Yes, I 100% dislike stories where the choices matter. I am awful at decisions, and I agree. It’s kind of upsetting how one ‘wrong choice’ can effect the whole story.

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I love it, but I suppose it depends on how it’s done by the author. I like the feeling of earning something and making a mistake in stories; I find them entertaining. I like that there are potential benefits or consequences depending on what I choose because I like to see how it affects the storyline. I think it’s very interesting to see what happens and how the character’s are affected when we decide what we would do if we were in that character’s shoes.

In my opinion, it can give the story a lot of replay value; to go back and see what would happen if we picked the opposite of what we selected, especially if there is more than one, or an alternate ending.


I like choices tht loosely matter(where if i wanna go to the library instead of a party i go to the library) but i dont like when every single choice affects my relationship wth the characters OR when the author gives u a passive choice(not arguing wth ppl) and u choose it and its “wrong”(the author note saying be assertive or ur relationship has went down wth this person)

But if its a fantasy story i want my choices to matter…if tht makes sense

o only like choices matter story

I don’t like when choices give you good or bad outcome.

I love it when choices are leading to branching- different outcomes where every is good as others.

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I do and I don’t…
It does annoy me when I’m reading a story and ONE wrong choice results in a bad ending so that you HAVE to replay for a good ending.
However, I do like knowing that my choices change the outcome and course of a story.
Nearly all my stories have choices that matter, but I also include all the endings in a bonus episode so that no one needs to replay as I personally hate replaying lol.

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That’s how I want to write mine. I feel like that’s important, and I don’t like it either when I’m reading and I make a “wrong” choice. I feel like no choice should be a wrong choice, it should just be a choice with a different outcome! Shrugs. IDK

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Well, I actually love it when choices matter but wouldn’t mind reading stories with basic choices or no choices at all depending on the storyline : )

After all, Episode’s description from the Google Play Store states “Wouldn’t it be amazing if YOU were a character in your favorite story? Episode lets you do just that with over 100,000 gripping stories, where you make choices that matter.” AND “Episode is the world’s largest collection of interactive stories where YOU choose your destiny.” as well as these things:

- Change fate through your choices
- Discover all of the different endings

Episode is an interactive app where you can make decisions and interact within the story.

Since it has so many stories, it’s a good thing there are many available to read within the app that either have little, no, some or a lot of choices that can alter the storyline.

So, there’s something for everybody ^^


Oh lol I have been guilty of stopping a story because I chose the wrong thing :sob::sob: I refuse to accept the consequences of my actions and my story has choices that matter so I did not learn my lesson hahahaha


I don’t really like them either

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I do too! :tired_face: I feel bad for the characters I play.

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