Am I the only one who doesn't want to have friends in this community?

I actually have my reasons.

  1. This won’t last forever. I would give them my main when they leave but they won’t feel comfortable with it. It was in the past when I made friends tho. Now I won’t give my main to anyone.

  2. We ain’t the same… Some of them are completely opposite. I met that girl that idk if she left the community but she was “bAdA*S”. She shared that she was disrespectful to the teachers because they don’t like her opinion. She stanned problematic celebrities.I won’t mention any names but the only thing I can say is that this celebrity was exposed for racism, not to mention that she is black too how tf would you stan someone who said racial slurs bunch of times??

  3. I am too boring. I don’t know what to say. My life is boring. I don’t do anything. I don’t have motivation for anything and I am boring.

  4. I’m afraid of being judged if I say anything.

  5. This is kinda juicy Some of the people that I texted with got exposed for racist, homophobic and more stuff. One of them even made a joke that is just… It’s always the people that I didn’t expect this from.

  6. They still like some problematic authors that were exposed in June(if you don’t know more that 10 authors were exposed for racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, rape jokes, cultural appropriation, slt-shaming etc.). They are like “wE AlL mAkE MiStAkEs” and these things aren’t mistakes and most of them are 13 but I am ashamed to say that some people that are older than me say this. I would not forgive someone if they make a homophobic joke (I won’t talk about racism because I am white but I am part of the LGBT+ community). I don’t think saying the n word and saying "I wasn’t educated"is valid when you said the n word recently. Or when they say "I dOn’T fCk wItH tHeM bUt I LiKe tHeIr StOrY" stfu you are giving them money.

  7. I am too shy to start the conversation. I am too shy. It’s not cute shy. It’s annoying shy. If I don’t start the convo there won’t be one. Or it will be once a year.

  8. Timezones. With some people I am 10+ hours apart and it won’t work.

  9. Trust issues.
    I am too complicated lol


Aw no I only have a few… but don’t worry. It’s okay. Maybe you will find a friend : ) Also I am here if you want to be friends maybe not tho lol its your choice becuase thats the whole reason you made this thread I hope your okay and doing well though! :yay:

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I don’t want to. I prefer to be alone. I am going to leave next year. It’s really toxic here.

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If you don’t want to make friends on the communtiy then that’s completely your choice but I recently was added to a group chat and the people on it are super nice! We arent all from the same country and im not sure all of the time zones but one has a 4 and a half hour gap but it still works :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed: Just remeber not everyone you meet is bad and tbh before I got into the episode community I would have classed myself as really shy but some people on here are really supportive and tbh I’m more of an introvert but I just love the forums. :blush: But overall it’s your choice so if you don’t like that sort of stuff it’s up to you :kissing_heart: :blob_hearts:


Oh okay : ) Its totally your choice tho causse its your life… rlly sorry to bother you : (


I definitely understand. That’s how I thought in 2019, before 2020 hit and all I ever do is go on the forums now lol. I didn’t really understand why people had or even made friends because nobody really knew each other like they do in real life, or it felt like a waste of time, but then 2020 came and as I spent more time on the forums and I met wonderful people. People who geniunely cared for others and treated others with such kindness.

This place may be toxic, yes, I agree with that, but there are people who truly do care and make wonderful friends. Temporary or not, isn’t everything temporary in life? At some point, nothing is forever. So instead of dwelling on the fact that it won’t last, I decided to make memories that will. :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:


Queen :sparkles: I agree


:heart: :see_no_evil:

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I agree with most of these things. Sometimes I feel like I’m better off without some friends . And so my friend circle is very limited now


A lot of the things you listed are things that can happen with friends you have in real life. There are a lot of nice people on this forums. Maybe you just haven’t found them yet. You’ve gotta give people a chance! And if they’re problematic, then don’t be their friend anymore. Life isn’t perfect. Friendships don’t always last forever. All we can do is appreciate the time we have with our friends now and if things don’t work out in the end, then meet new people! None of my friendships that I’ve had in my lifetime have lasted up to this day. But I still like making friends. Don’t be afraid!

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Nah, I totally get it. I have a couple of good acquintances on the site, but it’s only for talking about Episode and design flaws and garbage like that.

As much as I hate to say it, more than half of the people actively posting on the forums are problematic. I have very different opinions on how people write their stories, so maybe I’m the problematic one, but nonetheless if you don’t want drama you won’t find it. When somebody tries to pick a fight, I just don’t respond because I really don’t have the energy or the vibes to deal with a fight over nothing.

Literally this one time, this girl kept commenting on all of my art resources going “Is that copyrighted?”, “I’m gonna flag this”, blah blah blah. It was just annoying and she wasn’t a moderator or anything. I was really ready to get POed, but like… She’s probably just someone at hope either (a) trolling, or (b) really doesn’t have all that much of a life. So, I just flagged her comment and let it be.

I’m a bit older than most of the girls on the site, so if I really wanted to have a meaningful conversation it just doesn’t work. Keep in mind, a lot of people say things that aren’t true at all on the Forums. People embellish because no one knows them IRL and act completely different than they are. Which basically means all of us can be INSANELY immature on an online platform and get away with it.

You’ll find a few nice people on the forums to chat with every once and while, not all of us are toxic. :wink:

If you’re looking for someone to talk to just for literally any reason whether it be a shower thought or what not, I’m on the forums basically 24/7 refreshing the art updates. :sweat_smile: :joy:

Lynne Harper :heart:


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