Am I the only one who gets annoyed by this? (read below)


I’ve recently read a story (not going to disclose the name or author of the story) where the MC ends up getting to be roommates with her HS bully & the bullies boyfriend. Anyways, the MC ends up sleeping with the bullies boyfriend and it just got me annoyed that authors are letting their readers know that’s it’s OKAY to be a side chick . i’ve read so many stories where the MC ends up hooking up with someone else’s boyfriend & the MC and the other persons boyfriend end up being together In the end. idk am I the only one who gets annoyed by that?


Ugh, I feel the same way. The fact that said guy was willing to cheat on his girlfriend to sleep with you should be a major red flag for mc tbh.


exactly , like me being the MC I would NEVER be ok with being the side chick . if he’s gonna cheat on the other girl obviously he’s gonna cheat on the MC :roll_eyes::bangbang:️:100:


To be honest, it’s not really a good story if it’s about stealing your bully’s boyfriend…kinda predictable too, don’t ya think? (no hate plz, this is just my opinion!)


The way the author worded it was actually great, I wouldn’t of thought the bullys boyfriend would end up sleeping with her, however im just upset at the fact that the author is condoning that message. That it’s OK to sleep with someone in a relationship.


I loathe stories like tht im not a cheater and side chick crap isnt how i roll. In most i read the MC only feels bad if it all blows up in her face(ppl finding out)


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When I first started reading Episode stories (I was like 12/13 years old), one of the first stories I read had this plot where the MCs love interest had a girlfriend (it was like one of those blackmail relationship scenarios, he didn’t want to be with her but she had info on him). Anyway, the author wrote some extremely sexual scenes in between the MC and the guy. The MC was literally the backup, and was just waiting for the guy and girl to break up. Not the right message to be sending to young readers if you ask me :rage:


Well as someone who dated a guy for 5 years…and found out he cheated for at least 3 years, I refuse to read any stories where the MC or their love interest cheats. Or even just an MC being in love with a total player who sleeps around.



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