Am I the only one who hates the character limit when it comes to writing out a description?


I’m an author and I feel like the character limit we have is outrageous. I mean yes, I know descriptions shouldn’t be that long however I think the character limit for the description should be a little bit longer :confused:


You’re not the only one. Every time I try to write a description, I always have one or two words that I just can’t fit in, no matter how many times I reword it.


Yeah I know right? It’s so annoying :roll_eyes:


The character limit is soooo short. Now it’s even lower than the twitter character limit! My summary should at least be able to be tweet length!


Definitely. It’s really difficult to draw people in and make them interested in your story if they don’t know about it already, when the character description barely lets you tell them what it’s about!


Yup, same here I wanted to make a detailed description of my story but when I found couldn’t I had to make it sort of vague. Which sucks because it might not attract many readers.


TRUE!! I was really satisfied with my story’s description but then the last words were not able to fit and I had to change the entire thing into something Short and lame.:disappointed:
So, I really hope the limit gets a little bit longer.


You’ve got me here, girl! The word limit, or rather, character limit should be atleast 150-180.


Yes! I had an idea for a romance story, but the description was hard to make because of that limit, I haven’t even been able to make one because of it.


It’s already longer than it used to be. It was so hard before hahaha. I think it only used to be 120? But it’s 180 now. Still not long enough. :speak_no_evil:


I agree. We want a catchy description but we want to be able to use the best language possible and character limits can be a problem.


I actually like it :joy: In the literary world, apparently it’s recommended to keep your hook at around 15 words. I tend to waffle, so the character limit keeps me in check and forces me to find out the most important elements of my story.

For anyone having trouble - check out the one line descriptions for the novels on The NY Times best-seller list. Mimicking their style has really helped me start learning to create short, sharp descriptions.


Me too


Yah, it needs to be longer i need to write moreee


I think a little longer would be more helpful.


I relate. I’m always like a few words off and I have to cut off my description short.


Yeah, for me it was deceptively short. When I saw it I was like, oh hells yes 180 characters- but when you account for commas, spaces after commas, and all the other little things then you really start running low on space. Usually I just try to copy the format critics use for movie synopses.
Honestly, I’m still grateful for the current character limit everyone has now. Remember the good old days when you had like 100 characters to describe a story? The majority of people’s stories were like “2 sxy boys r in love w/ u.U cn only mke 1 choice.Read 2 fnd out mre.”


Ah isn’t ittt