Am I the only one who is having this problem?

'Cause like none of my friends on ig have this problem so I just wanted to ask this on the forums,
I take like…almost 2-3 months writing one chapter cuz of this huge writer’s block I always get and gets discouraged u know :‘D
Am I the only one who gets writer’s block?? (ugnfjdk i feel like its becuz my story plot is too plain >:]) everyone is publishing one ch per week or month n im here being a total sloth :’)


I get it bad like that all the time.

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i’m just getting started so i haven’t had it… yet

oh yeah. writer blog is the worst

don’t worry, i’ve had writer’s block for like a year now :grin: :grimacing: :sob:

Oh definitely! I get writers block all the time! But there are things that can help :grin:

same I get them so much