Am I The Only One Who Notices This?

So lately we’ve just been given the new Limelight skin colours (which i personally don’t like) but i think i found some kind of bug with the profile avatar…

Like when i open the app my avatar’s skin is lighter than what i chose

And when i open up the character editor, my avatar’s skin looks like this…


Weird right?

So when i went to pick the skin colour i noticed this


It has the old Limelight skin colours

When i exit it, the skin colour stays


But when i read a story and exit out of it the skin colour becomes darker


So when i open the character editor up i find this


It now has the new Limelight skin colours

So am i the only one who notices this or not?

UPDATE: I managed to catch a better version of the “creepy” skin colour


No, my avatar does exactly the same thing, but I have at least 3 versions of skin colour that keep changing. The grey skin tone with the red makeup around my eyes is definitely my favourite, but it’s only visible in the character editor and never appears on my profile :cry::smile:

This is clearly a bug with the new update, I also noticed that although some old skin colours were removed, they do show up sometimes.

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Yeah I think it’s a glitch, hope they fix it up soon

those eyes omg

So it’s NOT just me! I thought I was going crazy lmao.

I know right?