Am I the only one who thinks this?

i actually agree. ink always looked weird to me and the cartoony style was just laughable (and the features were really ugly ngl, especially those full lips). but i guess there’s some upsides to it, one being that the facial expressions are easy to tweak with overlays because of the basic shading. you just can’t do that kind of stuff with limelight since the shading is much more complex.

what really drove me to dislike ink was how uncreative ink authors are when it comes to making characters. the girls always have the straight hair or the beach waves and full lips while the guys always have that one hairstyle that i’m not going to describe because i’m sure that everyone can imagine what i’m talking about (and sometimes the pampadour hairstyle or whatever it’s called)- i like the overall art style, but i just can’t see myself reading a whole story in ink. i feel the same way about ink that most people feel about limelight lmaooo


SAME i used to read ink before limelight came out but now that i look at it… it’s hilarious!!! but the people who read ink it’s fine! i’m sure many people think the he same about limelight :rofl::rofl:

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Sammme I actually HATTTTTE ink :nauseated_face: i give a solid 0 to that style :joy: just NO :no_entry_sign:

you see how they laugh? it’s like theybre about to throw up :joy::roll_eyes:
no doubt that limelight isn’t perfect but it’s def better than INK
we canbt even create characters who look innocent bcz all INK characters look ‘badass’ :eye::kiss::eye: and completely hillarious!!! :roll_eyes: they absolutely dont look like humans
INK fans dont attack me please :eyes:
It’s my first time taking out all the anger on INK



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You’re legit the first person I’ve seen who said what I’ve always thought. It feels good to see that I’m not the only crazy one thinking this :sweat_smile:

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If you’re interested there’s a sequel to Loco amor, I think it’s called Loco Revenge?? I’m not quite sure but I do recommend it. You can probably find it in the Author’s portal. I am currently reading “Rivals” which is another ink story. It’s about two people that don’t get along but they need to work together to solve a murder case. Each character has a skill in which they got into the school for which I find interesting. I really like action ones I’m sorry :sob: There’s also “I despise you”

Where do you find these overlays??? I also want to find a shooting target one and bullets. But this seriously looks so good what’s your story called?

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hii thank you :))
i make the overlays myself.

story details

title : dead end
author : erin
style : ink
genre : drama/romance
description : Avery Mitchel, a New York police officer, has a run in with Ace Rivera, the biggest city theft. What will happen when she gets involved in his lifestyle? Will she hit a dead end?
episodes : 6
Instagram : @memesbyerin @storiesbyerin
link :

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Oh wow that’s really impressive how do you do it? I’ll definitely read it tonight thank you!

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do u have instagram? u should dm me @memesbyerin and i can teach u!

YES! I made a new one just for episode yesterday, thank you omg you’re a life saver!

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I do love how lively the INK animations are. They’re so much better than the Limelight ones. But I do like the realism in LL. That doesn’t stop me from loving INK, though.

And the Insta memes with INK just crack me up. :joy: Especially the ones by @talesbylaura