Am I the only one who uses this?

I always see people asking for bg characters but I just type in my scrip something like
BG1 spot x y z in zone AND BG2 spot x y z in zone etc
Then use the character randomiser to make them as I can’t be arsed


Yeah i do that too

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Like it confuses me that people wanna still sit and make other people’s characters and I feel like it takes longer that way


Seeing plain characters in story looks off. So even when you use a randomizer, it’s good to adjust the character’s appearance and change the outfit. :see_no_evil:


yeah, I use it to save time and other things lol

how do you use the character randomiser? i’ve heard people mention it before.

I agree, I did it once and it took forever, I just do @bg1 spot xyz its way quicker

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Just type a name which you don’t have in script and when it tells you to create character, click on generate randomly.
It’ll give you a preview before creating final output and you can retry again and again till you’re satisfied. Hope it helps :two_hearts:


Whaaat? I’ve always made each background character separately. I didn’t know you can do this

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@NancyM thank you!!

@YourMom i knowww, i didn’t know either??

this is a cool feature! I’ll have to try it out! :smiling_imp:

I use the randomizer too, and then I adjust their appearance, because sometimes the randomizer makes really weird looking characters :laughing:


I sometimes use Randomizer but making other people’s characters has always been fun to me lol :joy::joy:

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Lol. never. I customize all my by characters. And I change something about them for almost every scene they are in.

I’m confused

About what

The randomizer

Is it how to use it ur confused about or just what it is
To use
Type a random name eg
@bg spot x y z in zone _
Then it will say the character doesn’t exist so then there’s an opinion to randomise them and it shows u a preview of the character(S)

It’s just a quick way to make characters

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ahhhh okayyyyyy. thanks lol

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Sometimes I do it, but the quality of the character usually isn’t as good as asking for bg charas.