Am I the only one..?

I for some reason can’t see my story on mobile anymore. I used to be able to review it on mobile but now I can’t. It’s happened since yesterday.

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What do you mean you can’t see it on mobile? Is the story itself not showing up?

That’s odd, try reinstalling maybe? Probably a weird bug.

Hmm, I can see mine.

Like where you can see the stories you’ve created before. It’s not there, I wanted to see what my story looked like on mobile.

Yeah try reinstalling the app

Do you have a lot of other stories on there?
There’s this bug I faced a while ago- where it was showing old stories of mine instead of the newer ones I had worked on. I just kept writing in the story and it eventually showed up

Still not there :frowning:

Yes I have a lot of old stories, idk how to delete them

Hmm, and are you sure the story is saved onto your account?

100% sure, I’m already on episode 2

Try opening your story with your own share link.

Didn’t work. Poop, this happened with my last story too, ever since they updated the website or something I’ve been having glitches nonstop, now I cant read it on mobile. So I’ll just finish Episode 3 an publish it

Try deleting old stories. You do that by going to the Episode website and you press on the story you want to delete, there should be a delete button once you’ve pressed it.

I did that, still no luck

Did you try re-logging onto your account?

Try and contact episode about it.:woman_shrugging:t5:

Hey there @EpisodeViner, this is Sydney the Moderator. Welcome to the forums. :smiley: Moved to Mobile App Bug. :wink: To submit a ticket, go here