Am I the only one?

Am I the only one that never joins roleplays, but tracks them and reads through like a book? :joy:

I don’t join the roleplays. I just read them. Some are pretty interesting.

^^comment down below if you do that or you’re gonna start doing that!


I do that sometimes if I have the time but sometimes there’s so many I can’t keep up with the storyline!


I haven’t read other roleplays much, but I often do track what other characters are doing even when it has nothing to do with mine.
If you want to check out something good to read through, check out the Kingdoms roleplay/forum game archives.

It gets pretty entertaining.

What means a roleplay story?

A Roleplay is where you pretend to be character in a story and act out a story. There are many in the forums!

I feel famous (sense I am an RP’r)


I do read RPs quite often. Even the ones I’m not in. It’s quite entertaining to read all the things people can come up with, and sometimes I read them to make sure things are going smoothly in the community.

yEs! i hate when i start reading one kinda late and i have a lot to catch up on.

i’ll take a look, thanks for the recommendation!

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aHH i’ve actually read roleplays with you in them.

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yeah, this is a writing community for there’s a lot of creative story-telling by the role players since most are writers.

As an RPer myself, I think this is interesting. I do read other RP/SGs that I’m not in, because it’s fun hearing the ideas, characters, and plot twist others create. From reading the content and style others write it, its easy to learn how to improve on your own writing too. I never thought that people outside the RP/SG community reads them, and it’s making me self conscious now, haha.

If you don’t mind me asking, which RP/SG genres do you prefer reading, or do you not have one?


Plus, you learn a lot about writing. Have you considered joining an RP?

hmm mystery, thriller, drama, and fantasy.

i find that in roleplays, where everyone gets full control to do whatever they want to the story, things can get pretty interesting. you can’t predict the actions of 7+ people so there’s basically a plot twist at every corner. and since this is a literal writing community, most people are really good at story telling and communicate well with each other to pull the story in one direction or the other.

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i use to Roleplay in my youth. okay that makes me sound old. i use to Roleplay when i was younger

but with school exams, piano auditions, and club meetings to plan, it’s kinda poor time to pick back up.

i’m pretty interested though! the only real offputting thing is all this “faceclaim bio personality” sorta jazz. i usually explore my characters as i roleplay. having to have all this already decided kinda stresses me out and intimidates me from finishing or submitting my forms.

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I totally understand. Uni leaves me little to no time to RP, and when I do have time I’m usually stressed about uni haha. But I’ve found that RPing helps me clear my head and gives me the best way to relax that I could have. I wish you the best with all the things you have.

And honestly, making the characters can be a tad stressing (read: very stressing and it usually makes me want to bang my head against a wall), but I find it useful so I have at least an outline of who I’m RPing as.

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I know right!

You’re not alone :slight_smile:

Man I do that too. I used to be a pretty avid RPer but now I feel almost too awkward? Like I want to do it but my brain sorta won’t let me. Did that make any sense? Because I just can’t seem to get myself to join anywhere I just read them instead haha.

EDIT: I didn’t realize this was from a month ago and now I’m dying inside haha

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