Am I the only person having this issue?

Whenever I used to use the animation faint and then have an outfit change after it, the character would have it’s eyes open and looking forward.

Now, I’m using that same sequence for a horror story I am making but the character’s eyes remain closed and I can’t find another way to have her eyes open without utilizing overlays.

Is anyone else having this issue?

This is my first time making a forum post. Apologies if it’s in the wrong area! :grin:

Apparently they fixed this “glitch” :persevere:

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It was a good one while it lasted… :pensive:

some of the animation were so good! It’s a real shame!

Yeah, but thanks @Apes. I’m grateful!

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No problem :smiley: and by the way your post is in the right section :joy:

Awesome! Thanks again :laughing:

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Which animations are glitched btw

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faint and I use frustrated for evil or smirking animations.

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