Am looking for a writing partner

I have really good ideas for stories but am a little slow with coding can someone please help pretty plz

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Hey, I could help if you’re interested. My insta is loveandrea20. DM me there

I will thank you so much

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Am chinacolt on Instagram


Did I text u or did I get the name wrong

Om Instagram

Wrong person lol, I’ll do it don’t worry

If you need anyone else I can also help

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I would love that thank you am chinacolt on Instagram if that’s ok with u

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I txted you!

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Hello sorry I haven’t text u back on Instagram was a little busy is there any other way that u can view my story on episode without logging into it I did alot of fixing lastnight and it’s not so bad so far

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You can screenshot it

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Wow…this is really dark :eyes:

What you mean