I can


I’m making a cover just for you

Thank you so much! How would you like to be credited?


K.episode. What’s your story called?


Okay. I haven’t published it yet.


Okay that’s cool glad your using it. :slight_smile::innocent:


May I request a warning background. If you can’t do it that is completely okay, but if you can…
Background color: forest green

colors to avoid: orange, pink, and yellow

Extra details: Could my character be on your left of the background, and also may it have a warning sign, censored sign, and any other design to your interest. Basically anything that makes sense.


This is the character I’d like to use. Could she have the censored sign on her mouth?

Screenshot 2018-12-28 at 10.31.13 AM.png422x768 111 KB


Sure sorry let me get my life together real fast


:joy::joy::joy: Thank you


Feel free to put your Instagram on the art you create.


Okay do you mind if I take a quick shower a just woke up?


Don’t worry take your time


Okay let me get started


Is this what you wanted?


Oh shoot I forgot to ask if you can put: Please be advised that this story contains mature themes and strong language proceed with caution. Could you put this in the place of the caution sign, and just don’t use it.



Could the font size be bigger and thicker? Sorry.


No problem :smirk_cat::point_right:


thanks :grin: