Amanda’s EA link?

i tried going on her instagram account but the link isn’t there and for some reason the ea’s disappeared from the my friend’s stories list

i need the link to the limelight male and female ea, thank you

These were on her story, it seems theres troubles with the link that episode still hasnt fixed.

Those posts were from long ago it says 124 weeks.

Her whole taplink (which had all her links to her EAs, background drive and published story) has disappeared.

The taplink disappeared very recently. Amanda is probably not even aware of it as she’s been inactive from the community for over a year now. It’s probably an issue with taplink, maybe instagram doesn’t support it or something.

@estameralda it’s disappeared from my friend’s stories too. @EmpressVanessa on Instagram has an EA if you want to use one

Here’s the link incase you’re still in need of it

Her taplink has also come back