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@Dangrousdiva and I are working together on this to make anything you need.


*What is your title?
*What is your username
*screenshot of your characters (optional)
*specific details


*What should it say?
*Screenshots of characters (optional)

Background edit

*Which background?
*What should we change or add?

Background finder

*What are you looking for?

Examples of each:



Background edit:

Background finder:

Art scene + Splash!
Need help with ART SCENES
Backgrounds Needed Please Help

What is your title? Hades Queen
*What is your username? Anj
*screenshot of your characters (optional)

*genre - fantasy
*specific details - i want one art scene like cora blushing while hades wink with title on it. Can you make it?


yes up to 5-10 minutes.


Thank you!


here it is!


Thank you so much! This is awesome😊


anything to change?


Its awesome but still i think cora’s outfit look bit awkward. What do you think about that?


want me to change it to something more "devilish?


Not devilish but Queen



@anj is this better?


Yeah its amazing. Thank you!


I need 2 splashes -

Splash 1

  1. **what would it say?**Warning: This story contains mature themes and strong language.

2.character details no character on this splash.

3.background I am really bad at these things so you can choose it yourself. It’s theme should be portraying evil or love.

Splash 2

  1. What would it say? Follow me on Instagram for more updates @Episode_saasha.

2.character details A bad girl with a black outfit.

Skin tone - Fair
Hairstyle - Long straight hair (fawn)
Lips - Blossom lips (cherry red)
Eyes - Upturned bold ( Hazel)

3.background same theme as the other one.

I will be really greatful if you made those for me.

Specific backgrounds needed!

Are you gonna do it or should I do it


You can if you want




I won’t be home for another two hours so can you do it?




@Lavanya can u send screenshots please?