🌹 Amani's Art Review Thread

Hi guys! I wanted to get back into helping people but honestly

  1. I don’t feel like doing tutorials…
  2. No requests
  3. No trades
  4. I can’t do story reviews.

So, while thinking, I felt like making an art review thread!!!

You post your art. I will do these things:

:rose: 3 tips on how to improve
:rose: A rating out of 100
:rose: I will point out little mistakes and explain easy ways to fix it


Post away! This is open

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I’ve been editing for a few months now and would like some insight on what I could improve :smile:


Omg this is incredible!!!

Tip 1. The hair is incredible BUT to make it even more realistic, try to space out the lines of light. The lighter parts in the hair, I assume is like the light outside. Try to make them more uneven instead of a straight line.

Tip 2. By looking at the bubble, I see where the light is coming from. You can use airbrush tool on the face, hair and clothing to show where the light is hitting the girl.

Tip 3. The collar bone is wonderful. Maybe just make it a tiny bit bigger?

You get a 97


Thanks for the tips! Yeah I was a bit sceptical about the collarbone size, I’ll see if I can make it bigger and will add to those highlights of the hair :v::smiley:

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@epsd.ama will you do me the honours?

This is the first draft, I know it’s scruffy :joy:

Lusm Amani so glad to be back x

  3. I MISSED U :sob:

Ok ok

Tip 1: the socks. They need more shading

Look I don’t even have tips

This gets a 99

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Thank you sm Amaniiii

Ilysm as well

You’re my bff so I understand why you rated me so well lmao :joy::heart:

Btw that’s meee

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Lol of course ik it’s you

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Lol :joy: lusm

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I know it’s not Episode art but I was rlly bored

  1. Add pupils in the eyes…
  2. More shading. A lot. More shading.
  3. The darker lines that are in the hair seem a bit out of place? Try to connect them to something
  4. The lines are messy! Make sure to use stabilizer tool
  5. The head looks bigger than the body

Rating: 70

It is not supposed to be shaded if you ask I just wanted a simple cover becasue I will be remaking it :blush:

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  1. Make the lines darker
  2. When making the nose, try to make it with a smaller brush size.
  3. The eyes seem a bit inporpotional.
  4. Make the collar bone the same color as the tone you used to draw the body outline

Rating 60

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I’d like to do one if your still doing them. I’m a beginner so it’s not the best :joy: but here you go.

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Wow I really love this! I think you should put the skin tone behind the hair before drawing it so it looks like it’s attached to the head. It’s very nice though!

Yea I did the hair before the skin tbh. I don’t know why :joy: Tha is for the tip! :grinning:

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