Amani's awesome Art shop! đź’‹


Hey everyone!! Amani here. So I realized yesterday that

I don’t have an actual art thread that I haven’t abandoned!

You’ve probably seen me around the forums, whether it’s in the gen chat, episode community, creator’s corner, or rping. I have to say that one of my favorite things about the forums is making art! I really enjoy helping the community so I thought, why not have an art shop!!

I can make a bunch of different types of art:

Backgrounds/background edits.


Character edits

a lot more to come _or some of my really old edits are here: I can do character edits!



more to come


Now: what do you need to answer??


Please provide what you are looking for!
How many zones do you want it to be?
Any specifics?

background edits

What background would you like edited?
What do you want edited?
Anything else?

character edits

please provide either a screenshot of the character or their character details
Specify what you want, whether it’s face editing, magic, danger, beaten, hair.
Anything else?


please provide:
Story title
Author Name
character details
story genre
story description
extra information


Story title
Author name
character details/optional
story genre
story description
background wanted
text wanted
extra information


Text wanted:
Theme (happy, sad, dark, bright etc…)
Want a character on it?
What background would you like?
Extra information

Thank you for shopping at Amani Awesome.

Remember, all art is free

Must credit Amani182_episode

Please pm me or ask below if you have anyquestions

Have a nice day!!!

XOXO- Amani :kiss:


HIII omg your art is awesome sauce lol…

Can I have…4 banners?

Okay so I want all of them with this background:

Theme: aesthetic
No character :stuck_out_tongue:
the texts I want for each of these

  1. Welcome to Adam’s art shop
  2. Request accepted
  3. Order completed
    4.Adam’s art shop: Status; Closed
    5.Adam’s art shop: Status; Open

tysm and keep doing art :slight_smile:


thx for requesting, ma dude.


Thanks! (do you ever decline requests?)


Is there a specific color you want for the text? @Adam.epy


yess sometimes if there isn’t enough information


I want white text, and I’d like a bold, but somewhat unique font, if you could find one :slight_smile:




Here you go:

Art shop





Do you want me to change anything or add anything?


Oh I think you sent the wrong ne… you sent the order complete again, instead of the order accepted! Hehe… but other than that, these are awesome! Thanks


oh lol srry


There, it should be fixed now.




np adow. Remember to credit amani182_episode


I will for sure! :slight_smile:


Great work A! :heart_eyes:


thx MA!!!