Amani's background drive RULES UPDATED! DRIVE UPDATED!

Please give credit. Read below to figure out how:


  1. Credit is absolutely necessary. If you do not credit, I will block you. I am extremely serious about this.

  2. Do not redistribute my art. This means, do not post it ANYWHERE or share it to anyone. If someone wants to see my backgrounds, they can go through my drive

  3. Do not edit over my work. If you would like a specific background changed in any way, DM me and I’ll decide whether I would like to do that or not. If I say no, then too bad.

  4. If you are using one of my backgrounds for a cover or splash etc… Please Remember to credit me ON THE ART in the corner, please put “background credit to @epsd.ama
    If you use my backgrounds you must do one or more of the following:

  5. Tag me in an insta post for backgrounds @artist_devil_angel_queen

  6. Credit me in your story with this username (@Circe_dreamteam)

  7. You can put me in your bio :woman_shrugging:. I’m not opposed to it.

Now please remember:
If you do not credit me, I will block you on Instagram (so you can’t access my backgrounds from there)
I will report your story, which could get it taken down

Don’t think “oh she won’t find out” because I will :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I have my ways

Please remember these rules

Now without further a do, here is my drive


Great job! :hugs:

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Thank you cinnabun!

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Is it okay if I credit you at the end of each chapter along with the other creators backgrounds/overlays I use? Just wondering if that’s alright or if I should just do the readerMessage?

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Of course that’s ok!!! As long as you credit me, hun.

Thank you :slight_smile: Your art is amazing btw xx

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