Amani's Directing help!


You probably know me from art resources or forum games! I’m here to share my directing knowledge with you!


Things you should know:

I am not a professional so there might be some issues I won’t be able to solve.
Directing is not easy, let me think!

But for now, ASK AWAY

thank you @Flynnopily for the incredible banner


your welcome! :smile:


Do you make covers or know anyone does?
(btw it’s not for now, I might start my first story in a bit so yeah)
Thank you xx


Me! I make covers and art.

But may I also recommend Episode Dreams? Their art is fantastic


If I ask you like in a week or 2 to make a cover would you be able to do it ?
(you can take as long as you need to actually do it if you want)


Of course!


Yay! :slight_smile:
Thanks <33