Amani's Splash AND Cover request thread!



Hey, guys! It’s Amani! I can make splashes for you, as I have recently figured it out. I’m a little dumb. In order to get one made, fill out and answer all of these questions

What kind of splash would you like? Ex. sound warning or anything else
What background would you like? (put image below or tell me genre and I’ll find one!)
Do you want me to choose the font or you?

Social Splash

If you want a social media splash, just say what the social media platform it is, and what your username is.

Sound or warning

Tell me what extra things you would like.

Chapter, story is about to start, or thank you for reading

What background and what chapter/theme? Also, what do you want the font to be or I can choose one for you based on story genre.

I CAN add characters if wanted…



for covers, you just need to tell me all the info abt it and the characters you want. As well as title and username.


I can help you make it with characters


I can help, Ammy!!


I can help with characters! And red is an episode loading screen template:


thank you!


yay! Thanks, Zo!


thank you, Diva.


Pm me, Ammy!


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Hi, I need 2 splashes: This story contains mature themes and this story uses sound and instagram
Heres the backround


The first one will be mature themes Put this character on it

Next splash will be This story uses sound. Use the same backround as the first one. And put these charectars on the bottom.

For the insta put this girl on it with any backround that is simular to music.

Thank you


so you don’t want me to make it anymore


First of all: to make things clear,

First girl is mature themes

Boy and girl is sound and

Which girl for the instagram? And what is your Instagram??


No thank u. I figured it out




No thanks for your help




Thank u and which girl for the insta splash?? Or none??


If you have any question please ask I know this might be confusing


It’s ok. I’ve got this. Should get it to you by 4:00 pm tomorrow. (School lol)

Claire’s Fast Splashes/Covers/Backgrounds! (5-10mins) [ONLINE]

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