Amaranthine ~ Cover & Splash -Closed-



Yeah could you send me a screenshot of what the error says so i can see what the issue is (i swear everyones like oh photoshops the best :roll_eyes: i beg to differ)


Hey Ailurphile i am also needing a large cover please if possible

  • What You Want The Text To Say: TAUNTING MISDEEDS Written by Ash

  • How Many Characters You Want: I am wanting 5 characters please

  • Information For Characters (ie. Skin Tone, Hair, Face Shape, etc. If there is more then one character put their details on two different lines ie. Female 1: Male 2: etc):

Female 1 (Ashlyn)
skin- tan
hair- fawn beach wave
face- soft heart
nose- soft natural
lips- classic taupe
eyes- round bold brown
brow- defined natural

Female 2 (Serena)
skin- olive
brow- smooth arch
hair- cayenne beach wave
eyes- blue round classic
face- round
nose- refined
lips- classic taupe

Female 3 (Kelly)
skin- tan
brow- seductive arch
hair- auburn long curly hair
eyes- slender natural blue
face- soft natural
nose- refined
lips- classic terracotta

Male 1 (Fen)
skin- dark
hair- buzzed hair black
face- diamond
nose- bull
lips- uneven mocha
eyes- gentle almond auburn
brow- thick arch

Male 2 (Damien)
skin- tan
hair- generic short hair black
face- defined triangle
nose- button
lips- uneven taupe
eyes- classic round blue
brow- thick arch

  • Screenshot Of Clothing or Names Of The Clothing:

Female 1 (Ashlyn)

  • fashionista heels
  • rose gold rising star headband
  • black beach day romper

Female 2 (Serena)

  • wedding sleeveless top (zinc white)
  • black suspender pants
  • white retro leather strap heels
  • tribal patterned headwrap

Female 3 (Kelly)

  • bad girl cork heeled sandals
  • hot pink beach day tied cutoff shirt
  • light steel blue high waisted pants

Male 1 (Fen)

  • henley shirt (white)
  • stitch boots (chocolate)
  • violet faded jeans

Male 2 (Damien)

  • black camo top
  • black high top dance shoes
  • blue beach boy shorts
  • What Background You Want (Include A Picture Please If You Have A Specific Background In Mind):

  • Any Props: N/A

  • Forum Name: Ash6

  • Pose/Animation:
    Female 1 (Ashlyn)- flirt_wink
    Female 2 (Serena)- shush
    Female 3 (Kelly)- arms_crossed
    Male 1 (Fen)- flirt_fingersnap
    Male 2 (Damien)- flirt_shy

  • Additional Notes: I would like Ashlyn in the middle, Fen on the right of Ashlyn, Damien on the left of Ashlyn. Serena on the right of Fen and Kelly on the left Damien.

  • Password: Finch&Ultraviolet



If you decide to use the splash credit me {Ailurophile}


Doesnt matter which splash you use if you decide to use either of them.


They’re both perfect!! Thank you so much!



Here is the splash you needed you’ll have your large cover by tonight
If You decide to use the splash make sure to credit me {Ailurophile}





If you decide to use the cover make sure to credit me {Ailurophile}




Hello! Could you make another cover for my story Changed By Bad? If you could let me know!:smile::blush:


I’m currently not working on/accepting any more requests till the first of December you can send in the request in then if you still want it done by me :blush:


@Shuvii I absolutely love them thankyou


Of course! I’ll wait until then :grin:


I know this early, but now could you make a cover for me because I’m going out of town. So I just want to put my request in now. :sweat_smile:


Hi I would like to request a cover
3 characters

Female 1
hair-fishtail braid (strawberry blonde)
eyebrows-seductive arch
eyes-upturned bold (blue)
lips-classic (bubblegum)
face-soft heart

Female 2
hair-beachwave (black)
eyebrows- thick flat
eyes-upturned bold (brown)
nose-soft natural
lips-full round (terracotta)
face-soft heart

Male 1
eyebrow-thick arch
eye-deepset gentle (green)
lips- uneven (olive)
face-defined triangle

Props- Female 1:Handgun

Background-Dark castle vibe

Forum Name: Dee.11

Episode Name- Dee


Story Name:Runaway


The clothing doesn’t really matter except that Female 1 is in a gown
Female 2 is in like fbi clothes
Male 1 badboy look

Female 1- Upscreen center and she is winking while holding up a gun and she is facing right
Female 2- far screen left and she is dismayed and she is facing right
Male 1- far right and he is smoking and he is facing left



lol yeah go right ahead :joy:


If you could tell me clothes you want them wearing rather then me picking since I don’t want to have to redo the cover if you don’t like what I put them in :wink: otherwise when I get that your cover will be done either tomorrow or the day after.


Thanks! I’ll be sending it now!:grin:


Can I request a cover? The details are…
how many characters - 3
SAMANTHA: skin tone - Taupe, face - oval, hair, straight/black, eyes - upturned bold/blue, nose - elven, mouth - classic/blush,brow - seductive arch
ALEXANDRA: skin tone - Taupe, face - oval, hair - fishtail braid/chestnut, eyes - upturned bold/blue, nose- elven, mouth - classic/ruby red, brow - arched natural
JASON: skin tone - taupe, face - defined triangle, hair - Short cropped/black, eyes - athletic round/blue, nose - button, mouth - small round/taupe, brow - bushy wide.
Any props: handgun in Samantha’s hand
Background: I want the background to be a hallway and a open door in the hall, and in the inside of the room is a dark, creepy room
Forum name: Benzie.stories
Episode Name: Mercedes.stories
Genre: Drama and Romance
Story Name: The Stolen Half
Small or Large: Small

Additional Notes: Show half body not full
pose/animation: Samantha is talk_angry and she has a gun in her hand and a tear is coming from her eyes while Jason holds her waist and they are facing towards the door and in the room Alexandra is idle_sad_clutch and she has a tear coming from her eye and bruises on her body with chains around her arms

  • 2 characters

  • Female Skin:Caramel
    *Male Skin:Caramel
    *Female Hair: Straightl & Color: Chestnut
    *Male Hair: Long Bangs & Color: Black
    *Female Face Shape: Oval
    *Male Face Shape: Diamond
    *Female Mouth: Classic& Color: Bordeaux
    *Male Mouth: Uneven & Color:Taupe
    *Female Eyeshape: Upturned Feline & Color: Toffee
    *Male Eyeshape: Stoic Almond
    *Female Eyebrow: Classic Natural
    *Male Eyebrow: Thin Arch
    *Female Nose: Upturned
    *Male Nose: Button

  • Male:Gun

*Here’s the background

  • Episode.lover11


  • Romance

  • Changed By Bad

  • Small



  • Notes:Could add piercing on the eyebrows and the nose and tattoos on both characters
    This is important!:
    Could you zoom in so it will only show half of their bodies , something like this:

  • Pose/Animation:
    Characters are back to back

  • Finch&Ultraviolet
    Thank you!


I would also like to know the estimated time this will be done.


Either tomorrow or the day after.


You’ll either get this tomorrow or the day after.