Amaranthine ~ Cover & Splash -Closed-



Okay thank you so much!


Okay! Thank You!


Hi, unfortunately due to one of my rules (which you broke) I don’t allow thread hopping since my covers take time and I’ve been informed you’ve requested this dame request to multiple other threads therefore i’m going to have to reject your request sorry for the inconvenience hope you find someone to do your request ~ Ailurophile :two_hearts:



Just saying, but you should probably reject @Episode.lover11 because she requested one from me and I’ve done it already, I regret that now since I wasted my time and said not to thread jump. :woman_facepalming:


Ah sorry love I don’t allow thread hopping on my thread hope your cover gets done but your request is rejected since it’s in my rules not to thread hop ~ Ailurophile :two_hearts:


@amaranthine and @benzie.stories
I really don’t want to get involved b\so if you think I’m getting involved I’ll take it down.
The only a story can be succesful is if you do it becasue you’re passionate and not for the likes and the reads.


I understand your point but requesting the same art piece from someone at the same time is not allowed in my rules.

If you wanted something in the future but didn’t want to worry about it not getting done at the time you needed it I would recommend requesting a week or two before you were planning to use it not requesting the piece (while requesting the same thing from another person) when you didn’t really need it urgently.

I respect the time it takes for others to do their art and some people work really hard on it (I just do this as a hobby) and I personally don’t feel comfortable doing art that has been requested to someone else if they also aren’t okay with thread hopping.

Like I said best of luck on finding a cover artist but I just won’t be doing it once again sorry for the inconvenience

If you have any more issues or would like to discuss anything else please pm me since I don’t want to clog my thread ~Ailurophile :two_hearts:



I’m passionate and spend hours a day writing and drawing, I went from no readers or followers to a lot more within a day and I questioned how anyone found my story. I just had a basic cover of my traced MC’s because I wasn’t good at art back then. Even the best writers up to now went from 0 - 1M. But it doesn’t sound like you’re totally passionate, you just want the popularity. :thinking::woman_shrugging:


If any of you have more to say to eachother please take it to your pms and not my thread :sweat_smile:


I’m sorry for the inconvenience for me thread hopping.:slight_smile: I just needed a cover soon. Your covers are awesome and you spend so much time on requests. If you accept my apology, I would like to know if you would accept requests from me in the future?:blush: Once again I’m sorry for rule breaking :pleading_face:


By the way, It’s okay saying no to any of my request in the future!:smile:


ah yeah no problem I don’t really ‘ban’ anyone from requesting so yes all future requests will be accepted :blush:


Thank you so much!:sweat_smile:


Okay no problem!

Female 1-
Red and Black Letterman jacket
Gold Full Ballgown
Gold heels

Female 2-
Black Ridged Moto jacket
Black leather leggings
Wayfarer sunglasses
Black Sporty Chic Sneakers
Black Halter Basic

Male 1-
Ripped Punk pants
Cool Leather jacket
Construction Worker boots
Black Sleeveless tee

tysm :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:



If you decide to use the cover make sure to credit me {Ailurophile}




Omg I love this!!! And I’ll be sure to give you credits :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Also am I allowed to request again in the future?:thinking:


Yep whenever you need something feel free to request from me if you want.


Hi! I hope this isn’t too early to request. But here’s my request for a my other story!:relaxed:


*2 characters
*Female Skin: Caramel
Male Skin: Caramel
Female Eyes: Upturned Feline & Color: Blue
Male Eyes: Stoic Almond & Color: Green
Female Nose: Upturned
Male Nose: Button
Female Mouth: Classic & Color: Bordeaux
Male Mouth: Uneven & Color: Terracotta
Female Eyebrows: Classic Natural
Male Eyebrows: Thin Arch
Female Hair: Straight & Color: Chestnut
Male Hair: Long Bangs & Color: Black
Female Face: Oval
Male Face: Diamond
*Props: A gun in the male’s hand and a gun in the female’s hand
*Background: Kinda of like a dark forest
*Forum Name: Episode.lover11
*Episode Name: May_Episode
*Genre: Romance
*Story Name: Deadly Secrets
*Notes: Could make the female’s hand be on the male’s shoulder. Also could zoom up on the characters so it just shows half of the bodies. Oh could you almost make them look dirty, Like a little bruised on both characters. And make them holding guns up so I can see them on the cover. Oh and they’re facing toward each other.
*Pose: Make only the male’s face talk_apathetic & the female’s face flirt_wink
*Password: Finch&Ultraviolet
Thank you!:kissing_closed_eyes: