Amaranthine ~ Cover & Splash -Closed-



What Pose Do You Want Female 2 In?


Hey thankyou for getting back to me, there should be only 1 female and 2 males on the cover

  • How Many Characters On The Cover: 2
  • Information For Characters (ie. Skin Tone, Hair, Face Shape, etc. If there is more then one character put their details on two different lines ie. Female 1: Male 2: etc):
    1 female:
    skin, honey
    eyes, almond luxe green
    brows, seductive round
    face, soft heart
    nose, upturned
    mouth, full round bordeaux
    male 1:
    skin, olive
    eyes, deepest piercing toffee
    lips, smirk terracotta
    nose, button
    brows, thick arch
    hair, short cropped hair, fawn
  • Any Props:
  • Background (Please Send A Picture Of The Background You Want If You Have A Specific Background In Mind):
  • Forum Name: eww
  • Episode Name If You Want It On Your Cover: Eww
  • Genre: comedy
  • Story Name: SOL: Will You Marry Me?
  • Small Or Large: can i have it converted to both sizes if possible?
  • Screenshot Of Clothing or Names Of The Clothing:
    female 1:
    wedding top lace zinc white
    poofy wedding dress skirt zinc white
    veil wedding cap
    male 1:
    tuxedo pants
    tuxedo jacket
    tuxedo shoes
  • Additional Notes: can i have the cover name infront of the two characters with a wedding ring under the text
  • Pose/Animation:
    female 1: talk_apathetic
    male 1: idle_exhausted
  • Password: Finch&Ultraviolet

sorry if this is confusing


Ah okay.


Your cover will be done between the 12th - 14th (if you need it done sooner let me know) :blush: thanks for requesting


thats totally fine, no rush plus ill probably be done with my 4th chapter by then LOL


Can I have like a character thing so that if people need back up characters I can just give them that please here’s what I need in it

Copper 02
Round soft


My name is NikkaUeda on the forums


Wow that’s Amazing! Thanks so much! I will make sure to credit you!


Sorry im not understanding what you need?


If you use this cover make sure to credit me {Ailurophile}



OMG i love it thankyou


I’m going to be pushing your requests till tommorow since i’ve been busy hope that’s alright :blush:


No problem :ok_hand:



Sorry this was a day late :sweat_smile:
If you decide to use the splash make sure to credit me {Ailurophile}



Awesome !Thank you so much :grin:
I’ll def credit


Sorry this was a day late :blush:
If you decide to use the splash credit me {Ailurophile}




If you decide to use the splashes make sure to credit me {Ailurophile}



What hair and hair color for female 1


diva curls cayenne
sorry i just woke up


Wow, it’s amazing. Thank you so much.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: