Amaranthine ~ Cover & Splash -Closed-



you’ll most likely get this anywhere from the 24th - 28th


That is fine, i dont need it straight away thankyou


Do you want a large and small cover or both?


What kind of mask like a masquerade mask?


Yes please!


any specific color you want it in?


Yes please
Its large and small


I was thinking a solid black or white, could you do a little lace on it? If not it’s fine!


do you want her wearing this mask or do you just want it in the background?


I’d like her to wear the mask please!
I don’t know if I described my character but she is light tan, with blue green eyes, and blonde hair! With the generic lips, I’m not picky on what she is wearing!


I don’t know if you put a background you wanted for your cover but it looks like it cause theres a giant blank space :sweat_smile: if there is let me know.


No, its actually a white background


ah okay thanks.



Splashes And Covers

I feel like this cover could make anyone who likes christmas hate it…but like you asked for christmasified cover so 0_0 thats what you get (forgive me christmas lovers for i have sinned)
If You Decide To Use The Covers And Splashes Make Sure To Credit Me {Ailurophile}


I really love it and that was so fast !!!
Thanks so much !!


Can you help me resize the splashes ?


oh lord here we go :sweat_smile: im assuming you’re talking about the ones i just made yeah i can ive had an issue where the splashes looked like the proper size in my program but doesnt for the portal.


Yea, thats the thing


lol can you send me a screenshot (in a pm) of what you’re currently looking at so i can figure at the problem :sweat_smile: cause i just tested them and they went through for me.


Really? I tested them and none of them worked