Amaranthine ~ Cover & Splash -Open-



You’ll most likely get this on Monday since i wont be home for the weekend :blush:


Ok! Thank You!:grin:


Hi can I have a big and a small cover please.
How many characters on the cover - 2
Information for the characters -
female -
body - taupe
brows - seductive arch
hair - beach wave hair
hair color - black
eyes - upturned bold
eyes color - green
face - soft heart
nose - upturned
lips classic
lips color - raven
outfit -
slit skirt rose
wedding long sleeve lace top zinc white
lacy heels white
pose - blush
male -
body - light
brows - thick straight
hair - boy bun
hair color - blond
eyes - classic
eyes color - toffee
face - defined triangle
nose - button
lips - uneven
lips color - blush
outfit -
ripped punk pants
lady rose tattoo
denim vest
black hipster high top sneakers
pose - arms crossed
Any props - no
Background - any beach with a cute sunset
Forum name - Lexxie
Episode name if you want it on the cover - Lexxie AJ
Genre - romance
Story name - Someone Like You
Small or large - both
Password - Finch&Ultraviolet


You’ll get this either Monday or Tuesday


thank you sm


I’d love to request! For a Cover! :grin:

  • How Many Characters On The Cover: 2

  • Information For Characters (ie. Skin Tone, Hair, Face Shape, etc. If there is more then one character put their details on two different lines ie. Female 1: Male 2: etc):

Female 1

Skin: Light

Brow: Seductive Arch

Hair: Beach Waves

Hair color: Blond

Eyes: Upturned Feline

Eye color: Green

Face: Soft Heart

Nose: Upturned

Mouth: Full Round

Mouth Color: Blush

Male 1:

Skin: Tan

Brow: Thin Arch

Hair: Boy Bun

Hair color: Black

Eyes: Gentle Almond

Eye Color: Brown

Face: Defined Triangle

Nose: Strong

Mouth: Uneven

Mouth color: Terrecotta

  • Any props? Not at all.

  • Background (Please Send A Picture Of The Background You Want If You Have A Specific Background In Mind):


  • Forum Name: @Dream.writess

  • Episode Name If You Want It On Your Cover: Dream R

  • Genre: Action

  • Story Name: Thrilling Bones

  • Small Or Large: Both

  • Screenshot Of Clothing or Names Of The Clothing:



Bottom: Boyfriend Jeans

Tops: String Tank Top (Pine Cave) & Black Ridged Moto Jacket

Footwear: Lacy Heels (Olive)


Bottom: Ripped Punk Pants

Top: VNeck Tshirt (Pine Cave)

Footwear: Basic Sneakers (Black)

Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)

  • Additional Notes: Can you make it look. Realistic?

  • Pose/Animation:

Female: Primp

Male: flirt_fingersnap

  • Password: Finch&Ultraviolet


do you draw covers


if you do i need you to watermark pls incase i forget to credit




pls can you make the female character hug the guy with the brown hair
and the one with the blonde hair angily watching them
the names of the authors are: Ty Monette and Raven Ella



Sorry I dont draw limelight if you still want a cover from me then please fill out the limelight cover form (ill still watermark it)


Your cover will most likely be done Tuesday.


Thank you so much