Amas price friendly art

Hi there guys, i know the forums will be closing yet I want to still post it here😅.

I’m trying to offer reasonable and affordable prices since I know we are all out of money :saluting_face:

(U can also find this thread on discord already)
U can also follow me on IG @/ama_episode_

5$ shoulder length
10$ half body
13$ full body
Extra character 50% of the price

examples of my art


Everybody go comm ama rn!!! :face_holding_back_tears::heart: You won’t be disappointed :white_heart:

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Omg thank u girl​:joy::sob::sob::sob::heart:

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Your art is unreal :heart_eyes: I’m so in love with my piece! :heartpulse:

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Thx I was so happy to draw the guy for u and @/ft.baka :sob::heart:


I’m super glad to hear that :face_holding_back_tears::white_heart::white_heart::sparkles:

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you’re most welcome:white_heart:

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Bump :heart: