Amaterasu's Art Commissions

Hello. This is Amaterasu (episode:Cherby, Art Persona: Faintest, IG @Saintess_Impromptu) and I am a new artist interested in doing commissions for your stories or…really anything else. I actually used to be around a few years ago as a writer and have one published story here on Episode. It’s classic, gasp! In addition to commissions, I am updating that story in LL, writing a new story Obscura (stay tuned) and may do a sequel to the first.

Anyway, while my commissions are open on instagram (@Saintess_Impromptu), I’m still building up my portfolio and following and would love to help you all while I do so. So, here are some examples! I will be updating this regularly with examples and other things. I’ve been waiting for the last few months to post here and was anxious about how my art would be received, etc, but I decided to let you all be the judges and add more as I create them and improve. This will (hopefully) be a very active commissions thread featuring occasional discounts, events, contests(?), etc.

Here are general portrait and illustration examples. Most of these are also on my instagram @Saintess_impromptu with reference credits. Also, check out the Instagram for other examples. :stuck_out_tongue:


yara jbpe

Art Scenes: I have an example here from Treas_H’s story Squad: Masterminds. More on the way.

Art Scene Examples

Here are some cover examples, including the cover for Squad: Masterminds an amazing (and ongoing) limelight story by the equally amazing @Treas_H . I did the cover art, various art edits and an art scene for her. Please check out her stories like Blood of the Empress! The others covers are not for real stories, but some practice samples I created more recently to share with you all.

Cover Examples


Commission Info Highlights:
I have the right to the art, the buyer has the right to the characters and can post wherever, please always credit me anytime and anywhere you use the commission (Faintest @Saintess_Impromptu). Prices are subject to change and will be done through paypal. Always be sure to have me confirm with you before payment. I have the right to deny any commission for any reason without explanation. :wink: Lastly, I will need either a photo/drawing/illustration reference for poses, or if you have a complex background I’d optimally like a reference for that. Once you show interest in a commission, I will PM or DM you questions about the commission and what you would like done, and other info, etc.

Full Commission info (google document)

Faintest's Commissions - Google Docs

So I’m 100% new to this, so I really don’t exactly know how to price everything. I’ve lurked here and elsewhere and can negotiate especially concerning “extras”. What’s most important for me is time so if it takes super long, it would cost more but if not then less? Yeah? Prices listed in USD. Ask me questions about any of it.


Portrait, no background or very simple background(painting of face, realistic/semi-realistic) – $20
Portrait, painting of face, realistic/semi-realistic abstract background $25
Portrait, painting of face, realistic/semi-realistic more complex background $30

~cover prices include a simple painted or copyright free edited photo or picture background.
Episode Style Cover, face and one character $20, face and/or waist up*
*Episode style Cover, up to two characters, face and/or waist up: $25
Episode style Cover, 3-4 characters face and/or waist up: $30
Add 5USD for full body instead of waist up.

1 character full body or waist up, 2 characters waist up $20
2 characters full body $25
3-4 characters waist up $25, full body $30

~Backgrounds that do not use episode assets.
To be decided. Stay tuned

A simple background for your cover or art scene (including an edited copyright free picture)or no background is an added $0. A simple background can include a solid color or gradient type situation.

A drawn/painted background will be an additional $5-10 (depends on the complexity for example a custom room/buildings would cost more than a few flowers or something, but no fee if you want them as a transparent file and will add an episode background yourself.

Second, extras can incur costs like coffee flavor pumps. If you wanted a dog in the picture, or another character, or like a hand drawn volcano spewing lava, or a super fancy dress 1700s dress–that can cost a few dollars more. But freckles or a mole or glasses—that’s free. Same for atmospheric things like glitter or something, the more complex could cost more or I may just add sparkles on a whim. So, please just talk to me PM or DM about extras. Also just message me and ask, I promise I’m not mean :D)

So long as it doesn’t use episode assets and I feel confident enough, I will be glad to do other artsy things for episode or something else. So, just ask me if you are interested and we can see what we can do. If not, I simply won’t accept.

Lastly, again this will be my first time attempting commissions. Please be patient with me, give me feedback, and lastly ask me questions! I am a newer art maker and will be improving this thread, commissions process and my art so stay tuned. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Instagram @Saintess_Impromptu. It’s linked to my episode writer account @Cherby_amaterasu wink wink.


Also…this week only, I will do episode covers, waist up with a maximum of two characters for a base price of $15! That means, you can get this price if your piece has no extras and if you want a solid color or extremely simple background. (I have final say on what is simple, though, sorry.) Of course if you want extras, that will follow the original pricing rules above. Also, depending how it goes, I may cap the number of slots for this promotion or not. Thank you! Promotion ends Friday, Feb 19 or until cap is reached. Thank you.