Amateur Art Reviews (Open)

I’m not the best but for all you new artists out there I’ll try to help. I know I make mistakes but everyone does. I’ll try not to be too harsh but also not to sugar coat things too much. I’m planning on looking for a partner but no hard feelings if I don’t choose you. They’ll mostly help make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Leave your work below. :two_hearts:


Art style: anime :blush:


I for one really love it.

  1. Maybe try to make the neck a little thicker. It’s kind of a hour glass shape.

  2. I really love the hair. I think if you highlighted it a little more it’d look even better.

  3. I love the purple lipstick, it looks a little too airbrushed compared to the rest of the face. Maybe the outline should be a little more present.

I love your anime style art so much :kissing_heart::heartbeat::two_hearts::heart:

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Ah thank you! I’ll keep this in mine for my future work! And I’ll probably come back to ask for more reviews lol

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My reviews are pretty crappy but I’m glad you like them :joy::heartbeat:

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Bump. :upside_down_face:

heyy i would love to get an review!!

here are some outlines from me :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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1st Image

Your shading is nice but try use the same color
This can cause your work to look a little smudged and messy. I see where you tried to shade the skin and maybe a different tone would’ve been better for that.

Your lines are kind of wobbly or colored over in areas. I would recommend using a bigger canvas and turning up stabilizer.

I almost didn’t notice the hair at first. If it was meant to be like that that’s fine but if not try watching videos on highlighting and shading.

2nd Image

Some areas of the hair aren’t colored in. If you made your brush really small you can color those a little. Again I think stabilizer would help with straighter lines.

The shading on the outfit is a little better.

Her hands look kind of long and her legs look too small. I’m not sure of the bratz proportions but maybe try to practice a lil more.

3rd Image

I think this one is so beautiful.

Shading in some spots of the hair would make it look greater. I love the parts you did though :heartbeat: I believe lighter areas and a little more shading would really help with the emotion of this piece.

His legs look like their melting a little. Try making the space between his legs a little more prominent so that you can see the lines of where his legs separate if that makes sense.

Hope this was helpful.

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thank you so much!!! :slight_smile: really helpfull :heart::heart:

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Hi! So, I started doing edits and I have been practsing a bit, and I made this. I was wondering if you can tell me what you think about it and maybe give me some tips!

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I actually love it. I think that you can start making custom hair and things. For me I started to alter regular hair a little until I saw I could make my own hair. Try to find your style, like tamper in drawing your own noses and lips. I didn’t notice it was edited at first. :joy: Try your own shading and highlighting style and I think you’ll do great.

Thank you so much!

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This is a cover I made. I’d love to know what you think.

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I actually think it’s pretty cute. Maybe try to add a little something to make it look more interesting

Yeah… mine are pretty bad…

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I like them I just think turning stabilizer all the way up would help you improve and layering things would help. I layer my body, clothing, eyes, nose, and mouth, and hair separately.

Your shading is pretty nice but selection layer helps to make sure areas aren’t colored wrongly and that you can do everything you need to do at once.

Also making faster strokes helps to get the body and things in the right size and curves. Don’t make the hair look boxy and try to make the hair have ends like the one of my edits below.


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Thank you :blush:

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Glad to help I guess. I’m not a perfect artist myself but with practice who knows.

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Mine are… ew

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I think you should use stablilzer and a bigger size brush along with faster strokes. You should make your outline more prominent and for hair try not to make the shading and highlight overlap. Like for the strands their shouldn’t be 2 different colors free flowing and try to connect the lines a little more.

For the last one I would say try to go and make the characters mobily so that they won’t look as blurry and screenshot them in the needed pose. From there you can cut them out.

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