Amateurs and Beginners: Art promo and tips

So basically this is a small thread where you can ask me or others for art feedback and share your art if you want support or recognition. Please only amateurs and beginners. The more popular artists tend to get more attention and it makes me feel kinda small and unimportant. Us small folk can help each other out y’know?

I’ve been drawing for about 5 months now and I really think I’m getting better but my art is still kinda sloppy. I’m willing to give advice or feedback if you want. I use ibis paint x btw.

My Recent Creepy Edits

The top ones are the older ones.

I’d like tips Even tho i’m in your art school


What app do you use? Also is this an outline or did you draw it yourself :revolving_hearts: I’d love to help you.


I use ibis paint and sometimes procreate. I drew it myself.


Alright. I would say probably use a smaller brush but that’s only if you want to. Stabilizer helps draw better lines for me and It’s really helpful. I use dip pen soft for eyebrows and eyelashes. I’ll turn stabilizer off and the end of the line size all the way down. I’m uneducated when it comes to be a teacher so if to have a question let me know :joy:


Awesome, thanks for the advice.

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Well here’s a new edit :joy:


Welp. This ain’t the best.

Also I made this example for drawing lines and stuff I think. On the left is drawing without stabilizer on ibis paint x and on the right is with it.

I also ended up drawing more facial features for a better example. If you have questions let me know. :heartpulse:

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