Amazement Art Shop Now Open!


Hey guys. Gabi here. So I know I made an art shop already but this is the official one!
@bossyroxy411 and me are doing art scenes (covers,splashes etc…) and we would love if you ask us to do one for you. We would like if you credit us if you use it! Remember it is free so if you don’t like it you didn’t lose anything. We are really good at doing and we want to share our gifts with you. Please feel free to message us if you want us to do yours!
~ @Gabi.Stories and @bossyroxy411

Amazement Art Shop Is Now Open!

Sorry but can I see examples? Just wanna see :smile:


Would you want one?


we usually only send examples if you want one


i can show her one





I also have a few examples.
@ me if I am needed! :smile:



is trigger in the group?


if we need help yes if not no


So yea, I’m in the group.


is that ok with u @bossyroxy411






Hi I’m bored and I might use it in my story. Can I have a cover that says
Bad, bad, and badder!
By: RyRydoezepisode
I want these three characters on it
Do whatever you think is good!


i can do it!




no problem


do u want to do it or can i do it


any specific background?