Amazing Digital Artists! (Only if you're willing to pay, though)

So here I will list my recommended artists, their pricing, examples of their art, perks of the artist, and how you contact them :grin:


Why do you have to pay for it

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Especially since some people steal their hard work.

Some artists have people pay for their art because A. They’re super talented and they do this as a job and B, so people don’t steal their hard work


How would we pay you? Paypal?

Damn… this is darn good. If I have that kind of money, I will definitely contact them for a digital art pieces although the prices is hella high all because they’ve work their asses off to make something to look damn good and digital as well.

Maybe next time…

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So how exactly does it work? I’m interested and considering purchasing one of these fine artists artwork.+

I recommened Ren–She’s super nice and really talented at what she does! :heart:

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here are examples ren made for my story as well-- for reference <3

art scenes & cover