Amazing Digital Artists! (Only if you're willing to pay, though)


So here I will list my recommended artists, their pricing, examples of their art, perks of the artist, and how you contact them :grin:

Where to find someone that will do cover edits/photo edits?

Why do you have to pay for it


I know I wasn’t for it at first either :confused:
But good art comes with a price, ya know?


Especially since some people steal their hard work.

Needing an art scene for my story please!

Some artists have people pay for their art because A. They’re super talented and they do this as a job and B, so people don’t steal their hard work


How would we pay you? Paypal?


Damn… this is darn good. If I have that kind of money, I will definitely contact them for a digital art pieces although the prices is hella high all because they’ve work their asses off to make something to look damn good and digital as well.

Maybe next time…


So how exactly does it work? I’m interested and considering purchasing one of these fine artists artwork.+


You message your preferred artist, ask them for prices for what type of art you’re wanting, and then you explain and give details about what you want to be done.


I recommened Ren–She’s super nice and really talented at what she does! :heart:


She is!


Here are two pieces of art I’ve ordered (from two different people)

(Please don’t take these, they’re my specific art scenes)

Artist: (Instagram) @

Artist: (Instagram) @
(These are my kittens hehe)


here are examples ren made for my story as well-- for reference <3

art scenes & cover