Amazing new stuff in Writers Portal


Lol I just had to share this :smiley: I had a Dream again :joy: Once it came true - I dreamt all those beautiful dresses and then we got them.

But I now dreamt so many amazing new stuff, outfits and features in Writers Portal, that it blow me away. I’m telling you guys: Episode has super great future! :smiley:

And: My dreams always come true :smiley::smiley:




LL or INK? I haven’t look at cloths in a few days!


Limelight :smiley:


:disappointed: Dream ink


I like the new stuff they have! But I do wish there was new stuff for INK also!


I’m ready for LL to get more hair styles!!


YES @Bethany1
I think Limelight needs more hairstyles!


And more shirts. They don’t have a lot of non-dressy things to use for shirts. boy or girl!


Does that mean that the Limelight Previewer will finally work?!


I totally agree with you. Ink is da BEST