Amazing Opportunity You Will Not Regret!

I have recently read an incredible Adventurous story called Adventurous: Beyond the Line by @TalGordin
For everyone who reads all three chapters and sends me screenshots on this thread for proof, I will read EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF YOUR STORY This is a great opportunity for everyone! Tag your friends who are looking for reads and wouldn’t mind giving an incredible story a chance!

Please tag your friends!
Tags: @Mehasels
I’m super sorry if you guys didn’t want to be tagged. I just know that you are an incredible and supporting group of people, and I trust you to spread the word!

-The Creator 05


Wow! This is so nice of you! I’ll go read now :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll definitely read it. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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I am always up for a good story
ill pm you a few screenshots when i am done and my own story

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this is litarraly the 3 adventure story i have read with this plot.

but i do admit this is the most advance in directing

OMG whaaaat?! :scream::see_no_evil::heart:
Thank you so much for doing this, this is so unexpected! :see_no_evil: You’re so nice OMG I’m shook!

Gonna shamelessly mention that if you liked this story, I have another one that I’m writing named “Catching Coal” with 27 chapters and it’s still ongoing so you’re welcome to check it out :joy::heart:


:fearful: omg, it’s you! I’m shook! I’m fangirling!! Omg, hi.

Hiiii :grin::blush::two_hearts:

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Oh.My.Gosh! I literally LOVE! your story. You did such a great job. You’re amazing with the coding and directing.

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Thank you so much! :grin::blush::heart: I honestly worked day and night to make it in time for the contest but who even needs to win if I get such amazing messages? :relieved::slight_smile: I’m so happy you liked it! :grin::heart:

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You’re definitely gonna win. Amazing authors get amazing messages. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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You’re so sweet! :see_no_evil::heart: Thank you!


I’d be so honoured if you red my story, ”Indomitable Vampire”. (If you have time)

I unfortunately have absolutely no time to read and I don’t read anything on Episode atm (hell, I’m supposed to be sleeping I have a big exam tomorrow I’m an idiot) but when my schedule gets more free I’ll make sure to add yours to my reading list :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tag, I will read it if I have time

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Thank you so much! I’m just at the part of naming the kitten.

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Are you interested in r4r

Please note my story is not adventurous and contains sensitive issues

i for the one of them cause i did not save it

but the other is project humanity

The directing in both is very different.

i said they had same plot not directing