Amazing story recommendation list!

  • The Doberman (so addicting, read 26 chapters in a couple of days! Amazing art, directing, storyline, characters…)
    Genre: drama, action, romance (and sometimes humor).

  • Adrenaline (have never seen such great directing, amazing story and characters, made me really emotional but also laugh sooo much)
    Genre: action, drama, romance, humor.

  • The Bunny Boiler (sooo funny and entertaining)
    Genre: drama, humor, romance.

  • Hidden Identities: the vigilante (great concept, like the whole “cat and mouse” thing because they don’t know who the other one is)
    Genre: action, drama, humor, romance (almost every story on this list lol)

  • Meet You At Home (very emotional)
    Genre: drama, romance.

  • The Curse Of Charlie (liked the different lifestyles, very funny)
    Genre: drama, humor (, romance)

  • Side Chicks Guide To Revenge (the humor is amazing! Especially the infamous wig omg!)
    Genre: humor, romance, drama.

Does anyone else have hidden gems like these? No cliche and overused stories please (or featured stories).


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