Amealia Debugs! (Do you need your story debugged?)


Hello to all of the aspiring authors who this may concern! My name is Amealia and I know that when writing you tend to go through your story many times and once you are one hundred percent sure it is great you want to publish it. You go to publish and its great until someone points out a bug. Your confidence leaves in three seconds flat. I understand this!!! I deal with this same issue myself. That is why I created this thread, so none of us need to go through that.

Please Note:I will debug your story via the code itself. Post your request on this thread and I will add you to the waiting list. Once you are added you MUST wait until I get to you. Once I get to your request I will pm you and from there we can figure out problems with your code. Everyone who was on the waiting list before has been removed for the improved version of this.

I will look for bugs with spot directing, making sure your story is compatible for all devices, clothing problems (I will never judge your clothing for characters), animations, speech, choices, and every other bug I may find.

Fill out this form while asking for a review:
Cover: (if you dont have one yet it is alright just say so)
Description: (as long or as short as need be)
Any other things I should know: (Who made the art, English is not native language, etc)

Waiting list:


Anyone need help?

Was wondering if I could have a combo of a bug check and a review please?

If you are down for it,

Here is my story:

Crossed Paths by Dreamer

I just revamped my story so I wanna see if I screwed up anywhere directing wise - thanks girl

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No problem!

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Here is my story info!
I would love to get more feedback for the things I did wrong!

Story Title: In a Starry Night
Author Name: Fatima Al star
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 4 (more coming soon!)
Story Description: Rose goes thorough a lot of difficulties that will lead her to find secrets that were hidden for years! Will she ever find happiness and love? (Choices matter)
Instagram Name: @fatima_stories
Story Link:

Story cover


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I’ll get to your as soon as I’m done with Days’

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Title: Life Happens
Author: Veronica
Genre: Romance/Drama
Cover: no ready yet
Description: Vanessa has everything planned out, but when her boyfriend suddenly leaves to work overseas, her world turns upside down. She finds herself doubting everything she knew. A story about a young girl trying to figure out who she is, and what - and who she wants in life.

Any other things I should know: It’s my first story, English is not my first language, and I would love a review too
Link to your story:

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Added to the wait list

I still need you to fill out the form first

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Of course, bear with me!!

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[quote=“Amealia, post:1, topic:107794”]
Title: Crossed Paths
Author: Dreamer
Genre: Drama
Cover: (if you dont have one yet it is alright just say so)

Description: (as long or as short as need be) Mindy’s life was filled with joy and laughter but haunted by heartbreak. All that changes when she meets Derek. Will he be able to mend her broken heart? CHOICES MATTER!

Any other things I should know: (Who made the art, English is not native language, etc) Recently revamped my story!
Link to your story:]

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Ok :ok_hand:t3:

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No problem! I’ll get started ASAP

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I am almost done debugging crossed paths at the moment I am just working on the video to explain everything

My goodness - I think I have met my saviour, thank you - I will make sure to watch this in great depth!

@Fatima_Alstar23 @Sax and @Days I am sorry this is taking so long I am really backed up on requests for my review page, my story is taking up a lot of my time, my writing group and I just started a new story together, and school are all taking up my time at the moment I have not forgotten about this page and I am still working hard to get your debugs to you.


@Amelia, of course, no worries.

I am just happy that you are willing to help :heart:

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No worries - life is a busy thing to have

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It’s ok take your time :slight_smile: