Amealia’s Small Splashes: A shop only for splashes! REOPENED

hello amealia

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Can I make a request

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I want the splash to say My sercet lover
Character details
Boy: face: defined triangle, uneven lips, lip color taupe, eye color purple, stoic almond eyes, short cropped blonde hair, skin tone fair, nose: button, brows, thin arc
Girl: oval, full round( plum), eye color: brown, eye shape: round classic, high ponytail( black), skin tone: light, nose: elven, eye brows: mature round

Would like the girl on the left and the boy on the right
And for the background whatever you think looks best
Extra details can the boy have his fangs out

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Sorry I got caught up with some stuff. Depending on the pose you are asking for I may be able to work with it.

Of course!

Thank god

Can I have a splash with this character

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with this background and it says this story contains mature themes

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Hey Amealia,
I love your work and would like to request a splash.
Sorry in advance that I couldn’t use pictures; my computer’s being wonky.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, are you still doing splashes?


Words on splash: The Devil Is A Parttimer
Character details:
Body: Rose00
Eyebrows: Round Medium , Chestnut Brown
Hair:Messy Undercut, Platinum blonde
Eyes:Monoloid Slender, Blue deep
Face: Square Define
Nose: Grecian narrow
lips: Full heart natural, fair gold matte

Body: Neutral00
Brow: High Arched Angled , Black dark
Hair: Long Feathered, Black Dark
Eyes: Deepset Almond , grey cool
Face: Diamond Long
Nose: ROund upturned button
Lips: Round full pouty, Pastel purple gloss
Scar Across nose ( 04-07)

Character placement and poses: (celest) laugh_giggle_pose
(kameron) laugh_chuckle_pose

Theme(optional): Uses mature themes and language/ Uses sounds
Any other details:Fieiry, red, orange wrting.

Hello! Are you still accepting requests?

@Spade.02 if you even saw this post I just wanted to let you know just in case I want to cancel my request

Is ur shop still open

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Yah but could you go to this one instead please . . .


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These look so good!
I’m not sure if you do ink characters
Character: Red Roses Dress
hairColor into Chestnut
mouthColor into Cherry Red
eyesColor into Auburn
hair into Beach Wave Hair
eyebrows into Soft Angled
nose into Elven
face into Round
bodyColor into Olive
eyes into Round Luxe
mouth into Blossom Lips
I think I want one where it has my instagram and use the insta logo ombre colors as the background.
Words on it: Make sure to follow me (author BrittanySmith on episode)
on instagram

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I’m sorry but this shop is closed dm me for any requests :blush::ok_hand:t3:.