Amealia's Art Shop (CURRENTLY CLOSED)

Hello! my name is Amealia or Emily. I enjoy working on creative things in GIMP and helping the community.

I do all of the following

  • Covers (both the small cover and the large cover aka upper half)
  • Backgrounds
  • Warning pages
  • to be continued pages
  • turn volume up pages
  • splashes
  • watermarks

NOTE my work is limited at the moment I took a class in photoshop this past year but I am still a beginner with my limits if I turn you down what you are asking is simply past my skills and if someone else were to do it the results would be better please do not take it personally AND covers and overlays are the two best things I can do backgrounds are iffy

If you would like something done just request on here and we can talk about it!

If any other creators would like to help in this art shop feel free to say something on here!

Here is my most recent works



This is stunning!

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Hey, would I be able to receive a cover? I would really appreciate it. This is my character, I was wondering if I would be able to have him on the left facing another character who’s silhouette is visible yet their face is not. The story is basically about a girl that is determined to fix the main characters heart however he doesn’t know who she is. I don’t mind what the background is, maybe a little mysterious? But if this cannot be done thats completely fine! Thank you :smile:

Sure! I need a list of his attributes as in his skin tone, hair style, hair color, face shape, eyebrow shape, eyebrow color, nose, mouth, lip color, eye shape, eye color, and entire outfit (I know it sounds like a lot I’m sorry but without this information I can’t do much) and the silhouette’s gender (girl I’m guessing) and hair style so if you could fill this in then I’d be more than happy to help. I won’t be able to start on this for a couple hours but I should have it done in about a day so 24 hours.

Oh my gosh that would be amazing! Thank you so much.
The male character’s details:
Eyes: Deepest downturned - brown black
Face: Diamond soft
Skin: Copper 07
Hair: Slicked back solid - deep brown
Eyebrows: Straight medium - deep brown
Nose: Hooked grecian
Lips: Full heart natural - rose medium nude matte
Outfit: Swoopneckshortsleeveplain Red Candy, Boots Rugged Leather Black, Torn Knees Jeans Denim Grey Black, Studded Metal Rimmed Earring Metal Red True

Female character details:
Hair: Beach wave hair - black
Skin: Copper 01
Eye: Brown
Outfit: Mesh Top Floral Spaghetti Strap Cream Floral, Wedge Saddle Laces Suede Tan

Story title: I’m A Mess

Out of curiousity what time zone are you in? And I still need an eye color and outfit for them both but otherwise I’ll start ASAP

I edited my earlier post with the eye colours and outfits :smile: I am in Australia so right now it is 7:52pm. Thank you for this :smiley:

OMG sorry didn’t even notice

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Hi there!
I think your art is really beautiful.
I’m writing a new story and I’ll need a large and small cover image!

And if I could have an image of warning, sound, and to continue it would be perfect…

The story :
Before the accident, Ever Bloom was a popular and cheerful teenager. When she loses her whole family in this tragic episode, she suddenly receives a terrible gift: be able to read people’s minds and know their lives simply by touching them. She closes herself and avoids the contact of high school students who look at her as a strange thing… Until the day she met Damen Auguste.

Damen is mysterious and disturbingly beautiful. All the girls in high school are fighting over him, but it’s Ever he’s interested in. But he’s the only one whose thoughts she can’t read. And nobody really knows who he is or where he comes from. Damen is not just a mortal, Ever is sure of it. She also knows she is deeply and irredeemably attracted to him.


I’ll let you do whatever you want! What inspires you most about the story. Thanks again!



the dimentions I got right from the episode requirements

About the characters could I get a list of their attributes eye color, nose, eye shape, lip color, etc. as well as their outfits @JulietteDlc

THANK YOU SO MUCH :heart_eyes:

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Sorry it took me so long to answer!

BODY : Neutral 01
BROW : Arched Thick Styled / Blonde medium
HAIR : Short High Ponytail / Blonde Medium
EYES : Deepset Downturned / Blue Deep
FACES : Heart Defined
NOSE : Defined Natural
LIPS : Full Heart Pouty / Beige Rose
Jogger Sweatpants Tie Waistband Khaki Grey Black
Varsity Coat Plain School Polyester Grey Black
Draped Long Tied Scarf Cashmere Grey Neutral Lt
Flat Canvas Sneakers Cotton Black White

BODY : Gold 03
BROW : Male Generic / BlackJet
HAIR : Wavy Quiff / Black Dark
EYES : DeepSet Downturned / Brown Black
FACES : Square Jaw
NOSE : Straight Narrow
Lips : Medium Heart / Beige Rose
Zipper Lapel Open Jacket Shirt Grey Black
Skinny Jean Torn Rolled Cuff Denim Grey Black
Quilted Studded Laceup Quilted Pattern Ankle Boots Leathergrey Black

Thanks a lot!

That’s alright I’ll start ASAP.