Amelies free art shop <3 [CLOSED FOR NOW] as i'm away for three weeks

it’s okay x

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Thanks to you so much.

it okay xx

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Hi can I request a cover for my story

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yup sure what did u have in mind? x

I need an art cover for my male and female characters.
Female character : INK
Face shape : Soft heart
Skin tone : Toffee
Hair : Beach wave
Hair color : Black
Eyes : Round bold
Eyes color : Green
Lips : Full round
Lips color : Scarlet
Nose : Soft natural
Eyebrow : Defined natural

Male Character : INK
Face shape : Defined triangle
Skin tone : Toffee
Hair : Short cropped
Hair color : Black
Eyes : Stoic Almond
Eyes color : White
Nose : Button
Lips : uneven
Lips color : Terracotta
Eyebrow : Thin arch

okay what’s the story name/ poses u want them to do/theme xx

The name is Stolen Bite/Male:Flirt wink Female:Preen/ It would be a wolf Theme

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Hey! Sorry for replying late! My story is called Paradise Bound, and these are my main characters :

I would like for them to be edited, in front of EXT. TROPICAL BEACH DUSK - DAY
Let me know if you need anymore details.

okay lll start doing it xx

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How many panels?

It’s a small cover, so whatever size that it. Sorry!

is this okay?

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