♥ Amephira's Overlay & Edit Shop [CLOSED]



Hi guys! I thought I’d give this a go. I’m an artist and would love to help you all out with your edits and overlays.

(Personalised backgrounds & special art scenes are coming in the future)

must credit in your story @amephira

edits and overlays only

Fill this up with your requests and I’ll get back to you!!!



hi! :blush: do you make pfps? btw your art is sooo goood! :smile:


Hi Flynnopily :slight_smile:️, is that Profile pics? If so, yes I can. And thank you!! Xo


hi do you think you can make a car overlay for me? I’dd really appreciate it


Of course, I can do this for you as soon as I finish work. Exterior/interior? Any particular car you need? Direction it’s facing?


it’s facing right, both interior and exterior and I want a lamargini and a range rover, thanks alot, i have to go now, thanks alot


yey! can i request?


Hey, can make a request?


Ooh, those look awesome! :heart:


Of course :blush:


Thank you!! :heart:


Yes of course :blush:


Hello Amephira, I’d like to request a few overlays. I’m in no rush.

could I possibly get 4 cat overlays, one sleeping, one running, one sitting and one laying down? I’d like them to be all the same type of cat (or close). I don’t have a preference on the type of cat.

Let me know if you need any other details.


Can you do Ink style?


Of course! They’ll either be done tonight or tomorrow I’ll let you know :blush: x


Sure! I can do all styles x



Skin Tone- Umber
Eyebrows- Classic Natural
Hair- Natural Curls
Hair Color- Chestnut
Eyes- Downturned Natural
Eye Color- Brown
Face Shape- Oval
Nose- Wide
Mouth- Full Round
Mouth Color- Rosewood

Can you make her hair look somewhat like this:


I just want her in a close up shot, to the face. Like your first example.


Please take your time with this, I am not in a rush. And thank you for doing this. :grin:


I would love an edit from you!


Sure! Eeeep I’m so excited to do this! :heart_eyes:




Here are your requests! Let me know if these are okay :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to credit me at @ amephira <3