American school?

hii there, i wanna write a story on episode about high schools, teenagers and colleges but i really have no idea how high school and colleges work so if you know it would be really nice if you tell me about it :heartpulse: :heart:


Hi, Few questions:

  1. Is it public, charter or private. Private is like expensive and school can make up rules and Charter is like private but usually less expensive. And then public school which is free and follows district rules.
  2. After that I have a few more questions, I can help with highschool since I’m in a combined middle/high school that teachers both and it’s a public school.

Sorry if that was a bit confusing just needed to know which details I’m able to explain.


hii, it’s about public school but i would also love to know about private and yes lets do the high school

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Ok so here’s what I can tell you based of my bit of experience/ knowledge (Every school is different):

Public High School

Getting Accepted: If your with in a certain area of a school then your automatically accepted (at least in my state/ Florida) However if you are not in the specific area then you have to sign up for re-location which allows you to attend that school even when your not in that area. This area is usually by zip code. When you submit to be re-located for highschool you have to chose what reason you want to be re-located for. The reasons they let you select are normally “for a magnet program offered at the school, your family is moving, or other reasons”

Once accepted: Once accepted you get a notification of documents you need to fill out this is for students who did and did not submit re-location. Then before school starts you will get a list of classes/ you schedule, this is usally 7 classes for public but schools may vary. The the last thing you do before school if attend an orientation to see if your teachers and get a school supply list along with other things like meeting the principle.

Classes (The types):

  1. Classes I am taking or going to take (I’m on a advanced schedule by 1-2 years depending on subject which is why it’s separated): I have taken Geometry 1 Honors, Algebra 1 Honors, Biology 1 Honors, World Cultural Geography, Speech and Debate 1-3 and I am going to take next year Algebra 2, Chemistry, 3 Electives, and 1 reding Style class that has not yet been decided. (The school chooses all core classes based on the ones you took.)
  2. Classes people have to take in order to pass: Algebra 1-2, Biology, Chemistry, World Cultural Geography/ Geography, English 1-4, and 2 other social studies.
  3. Electives, so other then your core classes each school has their own set of elective. Electives manditory to pass, however students can chose these. they are mostly first come first serve. Electives that most/ all schools have are Debate 1-2 sometimes 3, PE/ physical education, team sports, and creative writing. There are many more schools can choose from This document I put has images of different, it’s the elective documents at some schools in my area if you want to pick some. Link I put 4 schools

Sport and Clubs: There are many sports. Some of the basic ones are football, soccer, basketball, cheerleading, gymnastics, and baseball. Other ones that some schools have a re lacrosse, tennis, soft ball, and then sports played in other countries/ international sports. (There’s different levels of sport but I can ask someone about these if you need them since I don’t play sports). There are many clubs and students can actually request these at many schools. Some that I know of are Interior design, Art, Chess, Sport Lovers, Chinese checkers, Cooking, and basically anything a student want to request that a techer decides to support. To request a club at schools in my area you go to the principle, vice princeiple or guidence cousualr and you request a club usally you have to get a petiton/ form showing people would join and a teacher to sign of saying they will chaperone.

Honor Societies: So kind of like college there are honor societies with are recognized though out the whole U.S. The ones I know of, out of the 6 are Speech are Debate Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, and English Honor Society. There are more but I don’t know the tittles, and I tried looking for them but I can’t find them.

Block Scedcule vs period Schedule: So for block schedule you get 3-4 of you classes a day meaning you only have to see 3-4 people rather then 6 and you only have to see then every other day. Then there is period schedule which you have all 6-7 classes and you see 6-7 techers a day. Blocks are longer then periods usually will be hours 1-2 depending on school and class. While periods are 45minutes-1hr or so depeding on class and school. The choice of Block or Period is up to the school.

Lunch: Lunch depends on the school and will be 30min-1hr (50min-1hr is only if your lucky) 30min to 40min is the usual. This is decided by the school and it’s decided yearly meaning 1 year it is 30min and the next could be 40min. There are 3 types of lunch. You have free school lunch which is for student who families can not afford. Then you have paid school lunch which gives you more options and you don’t have to apply for this/ meet a requirement. Then lastly (what I eat) Home made, non-cheap delicious school lunch. School lunch is made by the school, and it is usually easy things.

-I’ll be adding more later, most likely the whole sum up will be done in 1-2 days, since it’s a lot to explain-

I’ll be adding more details, Also this is all based of my state which is Florida, however things like classes and electives should apply for other states, just not acceptance and schedule organization. :grinning:


That’s just so far but I’m going to link a document with images of elective choices at some school, some wll be duplicated. If there are specific things you want to know then let me know.


it’s so different and more difficult than the school in the Netherlands

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How is it different?

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Also I added the link, I’m still adding more images.

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The document is done/ I added all the images. These are for my distric in Florida. i’m putting what I know about based on my district/ state. Also if you chose to go with college, I know some people in college or who wet to college in the U.S., community and non-community type. (aka my mom and her classmate, alonge with my dad)

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I hope these help.

I live in Australia though, so my experience of attending high schools wouldn’t be the same as those of Americans. The only similarities I’ve seen between my high schools and American ones on tv are that we generally have different classrooms and teachers for different subjects and students can just about eat anywhere they want during recess lunch (on the lawn, near the cafeteria, on the steps, on seats etc) and students that could drive where allowed to park near/outside of the school. Both also have a library and general rules like talking over the teachers, no phones in class, don’t be loud in the library, no fighting etc.


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