Among Us! (Epi version!)

Heyo and welcome to epi forum Among Us!

This is basically among us but with slayer instead of imposter.

Basic Info

For game one we will take a vote on how many slayers there will be.
There will be 12 people in each game so if you don’t get chosen you sure as hell will get to play in the next game!
Also to kill you must send the person you wanna kill a capital “K”!


  1. NO cheating, if I find out you’re cheating and giving away answers (teaming with others) you will be banned from playing any other matches

  2. No judging others for losing or being a sore loser! That will make you less likely to become the slayer!

  3. If you get killed PM me who sent you the K, this prevents ACTUAL impostors from ruining the fun.

  4. No ruining the fun for others! This includes bullying, bragging/gloating, begging to be the slayer, faking being the slayer etc+.

  5. The final rule, HAVE FUN!

Game 1 Participants


Me! I would like to join


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Can you explain the rules, like what do we do if we’re Crewmate or how do we kill others?


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This sounds fun. Count me in.

Count me in :star_struck: but how do we play? like how do we kill?

I’m in!
Is it like a time specific thing? (I’m in Uk time)

we kill by pming the other person a k


pm the person you wanna kill a k

I wanna play! Also, what stops players from faking it? I could easily send a K even though im not the imp.


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I would like to play, although I don’t really know how to play Among Us

Can I play


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Oh for here you solve riddles and each round you vote someone off (the person you think is the slasher) and the slasher slowly kills everyone off unless you stop them and guess correctly

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ill personally dm everyone that got a k sent to them and ask who sent it or i can make a rule to dm me when you die

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I’m interested if it’s still going on. Also I’m still confused a little about the rules

what are you confused about?

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