Among Us Or Roblox

Anyone played World of Warcraft?? :space_invader: :eyes:

That was just my opinion :woman_shrugging:

Neither! :woman_shrugging: :white_heart:

among us!!

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  • I used to actively play Roblox, I’d say for 3-4 years. I stopped a long time ago since I grew out of the game, so things might have changed. It was quite fun since there were hundreds of games, but most of them were quite childish and intended for a very young audience

  • This might be an unpopular opinion but Among Us had it’s time- now it’s just plain old boring. I’d say older people could play it more easily but in my opinion it is incredibly repetitive :woman_shrugging:


Among us is just the same thing over and over but Roblox has multiple games so I can just keep changing the games I play and not get tired of it

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